IM diluadid/hydromorphone, help needed.

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by ZenStateOfMind, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Hello,
    Hope everyone reading this is doing good and staying safe. I havn't been on HF in months but it still looks like i havn't left even some of the old threads ive read are still being bumped, lol.

    Anyways, i've been getting hydromorph contins 3mgs consistently for about a month. Doing them once or twice a day with a full day break here and there. My ROA in snorting them. But as tolerance had built snorting them really isn't cutting it anymore. Even in the beginning snorting them really wasn't producing the strong effects i was looking for. I've tried plugging but i just couldnt do it it just didnt fell right.

    So my next step would be to consider trying IM injection. This would produce stronger effects and save me money and I would only be doing it every once and a while for a treat to myself.

    So i was just hoping someone could help me with the whole prepping the solution, what gauge syringes to buy, harm reduction. Stuff like that. As you can probably tell i've never used syringes before. Now alot of you are going to say hey dont go down that road man but if your gunna say that add some useful information to.

    Anyways not trying to go down the needle road im just trying to get a little more bang for my buck and as far as i can tell IM injections when done perfect and occasionally really arn't THAT harmful.

    Sorry for the long ass thread, but if you've read this far i really appreciate it and any information or help would be amazing.

    Peace & Love All
  2. get ice cold water and a spoon 1cc insulin syringes and a filter I use the filter from a cigarette. If these are the small instant release white pills then ive done this before and its easy and works great. Break up the pill and put the powder in the spoon put 50cc's of the cold water in the powder. Mix it up well with the plunger and the solution should turn pretty clear. Put the filter (make it a little smaller then a pea) on the end of the syringe. Suck up the solution through the syringe. Use an alcohol swab to wipe the vein area where you going to inject if you don't have an alcohol swab use hot water and soap. The easiest veins to hit are the ones between the crook of your forearm like opposite your elbow because they are big and the skin is thinnest there. Use a tourneqit I usually use a belt or a chord and tie it tight(not to to tight) like 6 inches above the biggest vein you can see in that area. At a 35 degree angle put the syringe into your vein slowly until you see blood shoot into the syringe or atleast a tiny spot of blood in the syringe part closest to the needle then pull back on the plunger to be sure your in and blood should shoot into the syringe this means your in the vein. Once your in the vein push down on the plunger. You have now effectively shot yourself up and shall be in heaven moments after. If these are not the small white instant release hydromorphone pills then look up the right way to prep them in a google search if they are this is how I do it and it works great.
  3. o fuck I just saw they were the contin's so look up the right prep on google.

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