I'm Curious About Anal?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by seth vlotaros, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. So I've never done anal but I've been looking into getting a butt plug. Can I leave a butt plug in during the day? Say at school or work? And is there any recommendations for butt plus?
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    best to get one with harness so don't slip out or protrude for embarrassment. harness straps on to keep fully in place.
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    Is this a statement or a question?
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    what's the point, are you leaking?
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    You can leave a butt plug in all day, provided it feels comfortable and you’re not ‘overly’ forcing yourself to. You will want to take it out every once in a while (probably at least every couple of hours) to re-lube. People do this. You could even go up in size as the day progresses. I had a girlfriend who used to do that...made her feel sexual and horny. Some porn performers do too, to prepare for scenes. If it’s just stretching you’re after, however, you don’t need to leave it in all day. You could take some time to stretch yourself out over a couple of hours; if you do that regularly your anus will gain flexibility.
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    All day is fine. You shouldn't need anything to hold it in if it is flared inside as well as outside, a good neck will help. A round base may pinch some cheeks so you may want to start with a T shaped base. Make sure you bring a plastic bag with you in case you need to remove it. I suggest a few baby wipes too. Make sure you are completely empty and well cleaned before insertion.

    I like to have a light fasting day ( just liquids) and make sure I'm empty. Then a round of enemas using distilled water, NOT tap water. The chlorine in tap is not good for your gut flora. Keep your ass healthy and it will keep you cumming...

    I also suggest a silicone plug to start. And either lube designed for long term use or coconut oil that you can reapply periodically (my preference because i have an excuse to take it out lube it again and insert... I like to repeat the in and out for a few minutes when I can )

    Main thing to remember is, if it becomes uncomfortable take it out. You can always put it back in later. You don't want to hurt yourself. Treat your ass nice
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    Send this to my wife
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    She doesn't know what she's missing. It's a huge turn on to walk around with a load if his cum in my ass. Favorite date nights are ones when he cums in me before we go out. I love the sensation. Then when we get home fucks my ass again. We both lobe the feeling of it as lubricant. I keep the second and if I'm lucky even the third load in as long as I can. Over night sometimes.

    My nipples are gettingbhard just thinking about it.

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