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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by sharon, Feb 1, 2005.

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    This is a strange dream and I'd like some help interpreting it.
    In the dream, I am a young boy exploring the underground sections of an old building with two other boys. There's a great sense of adventure as we go down winding stairs, delving deeper and deeper into the building.
    It's a little scary as the stairs are very narrow and the light keeps flashing on and off.
    Then we get tired and snuggle up together to go to sleep.
    I wake up to find the others gone and wonder where they are. Slowly, I realise that the previous scene actually happened a long time ago. The other boys left me alone a long time ago and I've been in the bowels of the building for a very long time.
    Then my brain begins to realise some other things. I've been alone without food and water for a long time, maybe even years, so I must be dead. I'm flooded with the realisation that I'm a ghost.
    The dream then veers off into other directions and there are different scenarios where I'm someone else but can anyone offer interpretations of this strange dream?

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