If you have some extra time today, send some energy out to the medicine wheel.

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    May 8, 2004 Medicine Wheel

    Massive Medicine Wheel Ceremony

    Set for May 8, 2004

    - Peacekeepers Called to the Circle -

    © - Copyright March, 2004 by Steven McFadden

    While dwelling amid the high mountains along the North American Continental Divide, Bennie LeBeau of the Eastern Shoshone tribe experienced a torrent of dreams and visions, especially in 1999. The visions directed him to set in motion the plans for a massive Medicine Wheel Ceremony.

    Over the last year Bennie has become aware of many sharply distressing changes in both land and animals at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. These changes are becoming even more ominous right now, he says, and they have prodded him into direct action to bring his visions alive.

    The huge Medicine Wheel Ceremony that Bennie envisions is intended to be a mass spiritual event. The ceremony is set to take place at High Noon on Saturday, May 8, 2004 at more than 20 sacred sites in the American West, and at many other sacred sites elsewhere around the world, including Australia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Ireland, Germany, and the Middle East.

    The Grand Teton peaks in Wyoming -- The Four Grandmothers Standing Tall -- will serve as the center of this Medicine Wheel. The long spine of the Rocky Mountains runs roughly North and South in the Wheel; and the circumferance reaches from California deep into America's heartland. Simultaneous prayer ceremonies at other sacred sites around world will help to re-attune the web of subtle energy pathways that envelop planet earth.

    "All nations, all peoples are invited to participate," Bennie says, adding, "all nations, all peoples are needed to work together on this -- the black, white, yellow, and red nations of Mother Earth."

    http://www.chiron-communications.com/communique 9-2.html
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    Energy being sent.Lovin you!!!!!!!!!!1

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