If You Had A 2nd Chance In Life What Period Of Time In American History Would You Prefer To Live In?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dude111, Oct 28, 2021.

  1. Tishomingo

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    I used to be involved with the Society for Creative Anachronism, devoted to research and re-creation of pre-seventeenth century skills, arts, combat and culture. It seemed to be an effort to recreate the Middle Ages and Renaissance the way it should have been: all kings, knights, and revels--no serfs, wars, plagues and famine. Things often look better from a distance.
  2. Bilby

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    The 1950s and 1960s were the decades of mod cons, such as the automatic washing machine, electric food mixer with the various attachments.
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  3. sherman march

    sherman march Members

    In Boston, New York or Philadelphia in the 1790s up to the 1830s. I think I would like to have lived when George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson & James Madison were our presidents.
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  4. themnax

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    if i have a free choice as to where i might wish to live my next life, why would i choose for it to be anywhere in "american history"?
    or for that matter planet earth, or anywhere in its history? is it assumed the history stops being made now? or that "america" is some how the universe or even the galaxy?
    i would live on a world where no nation was larger nor more powerful then say the state of oregon or washington state.
    a world where the only reason nations existed at all would be so we could have electric power, public transportation and not have to worry about freezing or starving.
    time? one time might be as good as another, but i would not want to be born in the time i actually was in this life, before ordinary people could have their own computers to play with.
    but i did like the idea of there being lots of public transportation and no building codes outside of cities.
    i don't know enough about other places to know which or where i would be happiest, but i do rather highly suspect it would be outside the confines of america and its history.

    as for what happened? population happened. that and the ego to be feared became more romanticized and rewarded.
    god in the picture? the picture was and is in our minds. gods or a god might exist, but nothing we think we know about them has anything to do with it or them.

    belief can have a positive effect on consideration, but its still a statistical one, and these are separate choices.

    the relationship between population and freedom, is the same for humans as it is for gas molecules in a container.

    i was born in 1948. the 1950s were my childhood, and for the most part, they were the most miserable decade in my life.
  5. erofant

    erofant Members

    Tishomingo -
    You said in post #39 on Nov. 2nd that people in more urban areas don't make eye contact. I have to - peacefully - disagree with you on that. I don't live in a city, per se, but in a more densely-populated area of an Eastern state. Lots of friendly folks around where we live!!! Excellent neighbors too. It's not the perceived happy-go-lucky days of past decades with un-locked doors (cars and homes), kids "sleeping out" in back yards with no worries - but it's not bad by today's standards. I try to do my part by often holding doors for people, letting them "go ahead" in traffic, waving to others, hauling neighbors' yard trimmings away to the township mulch-making facility in my truck, etc.

    Growing up from the late 50's - I've never seen so much violence / violent threats as today. All across the U.S., both men and women are ready to beat on or shoot / kill others for the most minor of disagreements. Or because someone didn't like the expression on someone else's face. We have folks of a particular political mindset that now promote SHOOTING others - even elected officials and law enforcement people!! - who don't agree with their views - while claiming to be "law & order" folks. When I was growing up, a shooting was VERY noteworthy. Today .... it's an everyday occurrence that doesn't raise an eyebrow. Now we have sex-trafficking, child-porn, VIOLENT drug gangs (of multiple nationalities), corporate / political corruption, systemic cheating, lying & deception, environmental ignorance (still), and even an all-out assault on our very DEMOCRACY.

    As a white guy, I remember the 70's as a pretty great time to grow up and just enjoy life in the U.S.A. There was a HUGE spectrum of music styles, radio was everywhere, school was FUN - not dangerous, dances, parties, swimming in local creeks, sporting events ........ all without the thought of being SHOT. Today - big cities or rural areas see violence of all kinds. Even old folks in out-of-the-way rural areas have become targets for robbery and murder ........ probably for drug money to feed habits. It happened several times in my state - GOD rest those old folks.

    So ........... how far have we come??
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