If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

Discussion in 'Travel Polls' started by windsong, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Piaf

    Piaf Senior Member

    I would go to Monaco again.
  2. tryptamines

    tryptamines Member


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  3. Mr Kite

    Mr Kite Member

    Himalayan foothills :)
  4. junglejack

    junglejack aiko aiko

    right now?? at 10:30pm--sunday 9/15-- lets see, ,,,I think Id like to be in a mellow, drinking establishment in the Florida's keys- - snapping crab legs, and banging down a few DonJulios ...then sail out into the darkness on a Catalina 315 baby yacht with my lady friend and wait for the sunrise- - yeah that would be nice......
  5. gendorf

    gendorf Senior Member

    I wanna teleport to the surface of the sun! And dissolve into eternal madness.
  6. driftwood_74

    driftwood_74 Level 88

  7. junglejack

    junglejack aiko aiko

    hitch.jpg (20.9 KB)
  8. Dude111

    Dude111 An Awesome Dude

    If i could go anywhere??

    I would get a time machine and goto 1985 for 10 minutes and get thousands of dollars worth of the following!

    1) M&Ms Plain
    2) Golden Grain Macaroni and Chedder
    3) Lipton Iced Tea (Original)
    4) Chips Ahoy ORIGINAL

  9. Shiloh

    Shiloh Guest

    I would defintely like to travel to a excoic location where is warm, like Morocco or mallorca or even the Carribeans,.
  10. jimmyjoe1

    jimmyjoe1 toker Lifetime Supporter

  11. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    The UK - my wife & I have family history as a hobby & that's the country our ancestors came from.
  12. Justin_Hale

    Justin_Hale ( •_•)⌐■-■ ...(⌐■_■)

    Mazatlán, Mexico.
  13. fraggle_rock

    fraggle_rock Member

    Definitely Greenland.
  14. HazelAdams

    HazelAdams Banned

    why not go to China? china tour is nice place
  15. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

  16. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I don't know. Maybe Norway in some little cute log cabin with a wood fire.
  17. SunLion

    SunLion Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Colorado for New Year store openings.
  18. Just_a_woman

    Just_a_woman Member

    Right now, I'd go back to Tonga.
  19. ~Zen~

    ~Zen~ Administrator Super Moderator

    Tonga she said... well I sure liked Fiji, although it rained all week! We did escape to an out-island one day with a dive tour boat. Great snorkeling, best I've seen since St. John in the USVI.

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