if you are a female and have a gypsy spirit read on

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    Hey this offer is for a different type of person someone who gets bored being in the same place someone who likes meeting new people everywhere. It is for someone who has been questioning their lives and what they are doing here. I have lived on the road 32 years and have not got tired of it yet.
    I started in 1982 leaving New England for boulder Colorado. I found the American dream a nightmare and was searching for something not knowing what. Luckily within 2 years I found a mentor who I traveled with and learned the ways of controlling my destiny and not letting others. I have a simple relaxed life I travel the country I sell body jewelry and more to tattoo shops, head shops. I work when I want and have the freedom to do mostly what I want. I am a bit of a smart-ass and find making people laugh keeps the drama away. I live a life without a mask I don’t lie (unless people make it needed) I don’t feel the need to impress people and seldom get stressed or angry (and I mean very seldom) I don’t drink often and don’t feel the need for drugs (yes every once in a while but nothing hard) I can’t live with anybody who need drugs or alcohol to be happy. I find druggies and boozers don’t have any hobbies or interests and just need to escape a life they don’t like. I am looking for someone who can be an equal with me not is afraid to say their mind who likes to think about life and talk about their philosophy. I live with a beautiful female sheltie (small lassie) her name is Boo Boo she lives a very free life no collar no leases she is a year and a half and at the rate she is going she will be smarter then me in another few years. I treat my dogs like people should treat their friends which is with respect and love and I truly care about her.
    You have many opportunities with me as in learning a business seeing the country. You would have access to computers with unlimited music, media, software plenty of things to keep you busy.
    I am not looking for a girlfriend or a soul mate or sex partner but I do want a girl. I find looking at a girl and talking to a girl is relaxing. I have no jealousy or neediness you are free to be with anyone anytime you want. All your expenses are taken care of with me but if you want to make a living then I will help you learn my business make your own money. Your only obligations are to help with everyday life respect my personal space and be dependable. As I said before I have been on the road 32 years I aint young (only in mind) my health is not so great anymore and I hate to leave my an and business to some motel if something happens to me so I am looking for someone special who I can feel good about getting what I leave behind . I have no clue if I am going anytime soon I could last for years but it would be nice to have someone I could depend on if something happened. Understand one thing I am not desperate or an idiot I know a real person when I talk to them I am not looking for some cute girl who will make me feel important. I know who I am and am quite happy with who I am and not looking for someone to complete me. I am just looking for someone to talk to and hang out with. I will only respond to girl who write about themselves and who they are and be outright I will share more about who I am then most ever do with you. I find it very important to be 100% honest so I get the right person. I have met a few special ones through the years who still come out for a while here and there and if I met more like that it would be worth it. Whoever you are you have to be over 18 of course and under death age is not important personality is. If you respond be ready to be honest because I am very good about finding out that people are even if they try to hide it. Also ask me any question you want nothing is too personal and I can learn a lot about someone by the questions they ask. Well that is about it if interested either respond to the post or text or call me at three zero three-five 88-five seven 7.
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    oops my number is 505-310-8962
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    my name is the circlist. im 26 years old. I like to travel when I can and would like to evenutually learn to make my own way in life. I been to atleast 30 music festivals and traveled to Europe and the cayman islands to Virginia and back :) I am looking for a ride to the grateful Garcia gathering do u know of anyone

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