If none of you are going to work for what you want then get the label off your head

Discussion in 'Activist Polls' started by cheech & chong, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Hey everybody. I just read a topic here on the forums and as I read I started realising how bad of a problem we have. The main topic of the thread is about getting pissed off at kids wearing hippie inspired clothes and peace signs but not know a thing about what it all meant. Here it is:


    As it goes on to talk about the "War On Drugs" *cheering from a bunch of 1960s robot parents*, I agreed with everything it says. The government is acting like pot is the cause of the end of the world or something and giving a maximum sentence to anyone who says the word.

    It's obvious but really think about this, We Are Controlled By The United States Government. And we can't do anything about it. Not because we're physically impaired from it, but because there are too many people in this nation that buy into it all. Take a rich person for example. They are not worried with any thing going on in the economy. Why? Because they have money right there beside them that is going to last for years. So...let me ask you this. If there was something wrong with the economy and you had all this money and you knew for a FACT that you would make it out of the whole thing, would you try to stop whats happening right now? No.

    And the rest of the middle class people are buying into shit like American Eagle and iPods and not focused on whats happening. Don't tell me that you don't know what I mean. The real people, the people that do not count, you and me, we're the ones dealing with all the bullshit the government throws at us. WE are the ones paying 80% of our paycheck on gas just to go to work. WE are the ones having to worry about the price of a loaf of bread, if its going to be too much to afford next week or not. I'm tired of sitting around waiting to lose all hope.

    I know how many people have sat on the computer and asked, "When are we going to have the revolution?" And I know some of you are going to think this very post is no different than the last one posted up 2 minutes ago...here's the thing. We have to start it.

    That means sit-ins, protests, smoke-ins, and all that clitche hippie bullshit they did in the movement, has to come back. Yea it probably makes us look like a bunch of 'wanna-be' neo hippies but if you open up your mind, thats what makes you a hippie. Standing up for what you think is right and needs to be done. I can't go and sit in front of the white house by myself and yell "get your shit together" by myself. Because that is what makes you look like the same 'wanna-be' hippies that get made fun of. But picture this...thousands of us sitting in front of the octagon on C-Span IN THE MORNING. All of us sticking flowers in a barrell pointed right at us. Do you know what the headline would be?


    My mind is being blown right now to the thought of seeing that on tv tommorow morning. Its crazy. I want it. I want that on tv. But you guys are the only ones that are going to put it on. The fucking government isint going to go up against themselves. Thats just stupid. So you want a RevolutioN? Well give it to us.
  2. 420UFO

    420UFO Member

    rock on.
  3. Spaced06

    Spaced06 Member

    Revolution is the movement of a wheel, going round and round, going from one point to another, and then back to the first one. We don't need another revolution, we need Evolution.
  4. You're joking right? I swear the Beatles say "so you say you want a revolution" Lol
  5. *Everyone's mouth drops to the thought of me being serious* I guess everyone here doesn't want change. I mean hey, I like to see some people lose their house becuase of the economy, but I keep seeing it. Really everybody should think about what I am saying.
  6. zombie.

    zombie. Member

    Right on
  7. rainbowedskylover

    rainbowedskylover Senior Member

    forget about it the hippie'movement'is dead and will not have any revolutionry value as such. Revolutionary ideas, arts, lifestyles activism and all that is not connected to the hippie movement anymore. when it comes to political activism I guess you should try to connect to organisations involved in anti-globalization activism. As far as I know thats where the true spread of radical knowledge and ideas related to environmentalism, against the neo-liberal agenda is going on and where there are true experiments of direct democratic organisation are happening.
  8. chaz2zeek

    chaz2zeek Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    The freeman society is making big waves. Ever heard of them?
  9. makihiko

    makihiko Official hippie since 2005


    people here are too stubborn to listen to the government
  10. ChronicTom

    ChronicTom Banned

    You want it do you? You think people should DO something to start it instead of just talking about it?

    What have YOU done to make it happen?

    I've seen you talk about it, and the best is your last line...

    In otherwords, you are doing what you are bitching at others for doing... talking and waiting for someone else to stick their neck out.

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