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    i have been so icky feeling i have the worst indigestion and heartburn. should i be having that in my third trimester??????? seriously i didnt have this when i was pregnant with aiden. not sure what to do. plus i am having issues getting comfortable enough to go to sleep so usually i am up most of the night tossing and turning and then getting up to go pee. i cant sleep and i know that if i dont rest now i will be exhausted when the baby comes. any suggestions would help

    thank you
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    I suffered terrible heartburn with all my pregnancies. I used Tums and Rolaids like they were going out of style, and also took Zantac 75 this helped very well. Sleep is important now in case you do go into labor early, it is so much easier if you are rested up! Good luck!
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    when I was pregnant in the 3rd trimester (with all 3) I had such bad indigestion and heartburn that I couldn't eat or keep much food down. The only thing that mildly helped was tums. Then, I ate as many small meals as possible and kept upright for the next two hours. The moment I'd lay down (even if I didn't feel the indigestion) it would all try to come up. Uck. Oh... and munching on whole grain breads with hummus really helped me as well. As for sleep... just try anytime you can... even if you participate in nap time with Aiden (or re-instate nap time, hehe!). Try not to stress about it though, I remember my mind racing with all kinds of thoughts... maybe meditation before bedtime will help? I noticed when I was tossing and turning that if I'd get up and do something for a half hour I'd be exhausted and crash soon after. I hope I things get better! Good luck! Your almost done!!! yay! New baby time!!!

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