IBM Creates Artificial Life

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    Technically, its alive and dead at the same time, but that's a minor detail. Quantum Darwinism is a leading theory today that has received at least two experimental confirmations, that is, it makes two unique predictions as far as anyone can tell. Creating artificial quantum lifeforms means they should be able to test the theory in even greater detail and, within a few decades at most, I believe we will have a good idea of the quantum mechanics of the human mind and body.

    Its actually part of what I'm working on myself, the scalar symmetries, magnitudes, and metaphors involved. This kind of work means future robots can possibly be considered true life forms and to possess consciousness, in part, because nobody can prove they aren't alive and conscious, even using the physical evidence.
  2. Wow, what a load of shit.

    The article doesnt actually say anything

    The researchers anticipate....

    ......could see in the future

    ....following Darwins laws of evolution....oh he had laws did he?
  3. Btw, again, thread title has nothing to do with the article. Protocol for modelling using quantum algorithms is not "creating life"
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    I had a tamagotchi thing in the 90s

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