IBM Buys RedHat

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    The IBM And Red Hat Tango - International Business Machines Corporation (NYSE:IBM) | Seeking Alpha

    There really isn't a lot of data on the subject, but IBM just paid 34 billion dollars for Redhat, their largest acquisition ever, and this move clearly draws lines in the sand over what the next generation internet and computers will be fighting over. Servers are the bulk of IBM's business today they are determined to make sure neither Microsoft nor Intel shut them out of the cloud market, but investing heavily in the direction that Linux takes. The situation is a dramatic turnaround or Linux, which has become everybody's best friend, and things can only get even stranger once they organize the next generation internet in a few years.

    Its what is known as "distributed computing" and all the companies are putting AI on every chip made and moving as much as they can into the cloud, as something like fifteen years of technological advances all start to come to fruition at the same time. Distributed computing is about lowering latencies all around while, simultaneously, increasing the speeds of everything. Its no good having a powerful home computer if the internet download speeds are crap and its no good using cloud computing if your computer just sucks donkey dicks. By lowering the latencies all around and simultaneously speeding up all the hardware companies like IBM and Microsoft are attempting to create their own cloud monopolies, as the next way to dominate even Linux and the internet.

    It means cheap video gaming on low powered devices and cheaper high powered devices, but the obvious implication is the heavy hitters are going to eat the internet for lunch and divide it up into exciting new sales territories with the blessings of the NSA. Microsoft will be breaking out new bells and whistles for their cloud and competing with the likes of Sony for the hearts of gamers, while IBM will kick them both in the nuts once in a while by releasing new open source software. Should be fun to watch, and means IBM and AMD could become best friends or even BFFs. Somebody should make a role playing game... Three Stooges economics with, of course, Linux programmers playing the idiots off one another.

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