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Discussion in 'Music' started by LooLoo, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. LooLoo

    LooLoo Member

    From what I've seen, there are a few Stone Roses fans on these boards. With that in mind, what do you all reckon about Ian Brown's solo work? Im still fairly undecided... It doesn't come close to the greatness of the SR's, but some of its not bad...
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    I have his first 3 solo albums, Unfinished Monkey Business, Gold Greats and Music of The Spheres and love the 3 of them. As you said probably not as good as SR's stuff but still very good all the same, some really brilliant tunes on them F.E.A.R or Golden Gaze being my 2 favourite Ian Brown tunes. He also did two tunes with UNKLE called 'Be There', on the Psycence Fiction album and 'Reign' (which featured Mani on bass) on the Never Never Land album. Ian Brown also brough out a new solo album a month or two back called Solarized which I haven't heard yet.
  3. LooLoo

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    Yeah I keep hearing that "Keep What Ya Got" single from Solarized which is what made me think. I wasn't pleased to see him with that Gallagher goon though, he's faaaar above the likes of the Oasis yobs.
  4. Spacer

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    lol, actually saw that video today and was like, what the fuck is he associating with that knob end for! The Gallagher brothers are fucking wankers and they were a shit band aswell.
  5. ZePpeLinA

    ZePpeLinA Jump around!

    I like his song "time is my everything"
  6. bokonon

    bokonon Senior Member

    Ian Brown is pretty grand. And I'm only going off memories of 'Unfinished Monkey Business' and future singles. I still like hearing 'My Star' and 'Corpses' to be honest. Impossible not say 'not as good as the Stone Roses', but it's fairly differant music really. It's far easier to say, 'The Seahorses, what's that about? Nowhere near as good as The Stone Roses'.

    Anyone heard any John Squire solo as it goes?
  7. Spacer

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    The Seahorses had one crackin tune though that was on a Stone Roseseque level and that was 'Love is the Law'. My mate saw him do his solo thing in Dublin last year and wasn't overly impressed.

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