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Discussion in 'Ask The Old Hippies' started by the_flower_of_joy, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. So... I kinda don't know where to begin with.I'm 17 .I'm young.I am dreammy. I am sincere . I DO believe in peace and love. In friendship. In trust. I sometimes dream on how it would have been if i was born 30 years before I was, in the USA or UK, or any other epart of the world where hippies used to have a strong influence.
    I feel like loving flowers , like loving the sky and the parks and my freinds and what I do ( theatre) .I love arts , and beaty and ..lady bugs
    BUT.I am sometimes too impulsive.and i don't like that, though it's part of my personality.I do not feel free ( only when i do what i like). I always try to forgive and ask forgiveness
    I listen to a lot of old music, new music.I read and I dream.
    I do not agree though with drugs .I drink alchool , i smoke ( too much i'd say), and i've even try some drugs ( some kind of pills for cough, which , took in a certain quantity have some effects).
    I wear make up and I die my hair .Okay...erm...I'm not very antural as I look. But im natural inside. I sometimes get pessimistci, but i've been through some pretty hard times ( especially for a very very sensitive and sensible person like me) , and i always found my optimism and the power to raise up and smile.
    I think i've raised in nowdays world.And Im addicted to it. But i kind of feel hippie sometimes.This question is for the old hippies ( and I would really like to get some help here) : Am I or am I not a hippie ? What do you think about my way of thinking? please help.
    thanx:) and peace may be with you all :daisy: :daisy:
  2. pixeewinged

    pixeewinged Visitor

  3. I don't think that being a hippie is about hair, clothes, meat or things like these. I was asking because i need opinions.:)
    thanx pixeewinged .peace
  4. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    why do you "need opinions" on whether your a hippy or not?

    in my minds eye that in and of itself excludes you from being a hippy..
  5. what do you mean by that ? i do not understand .sorry.( i mean the part with "eye that in and of itself".i understood the rest of it :)
    and...i didn't quite express myself correctly.i do not "need opinions ", i need advice from elder people.all i am trying to say here is if i belong to this kind of group.erm. i still think i do not express myself ok .sorry about that.i'm not a very good english speaker. :&
    and sorry if i bothered you .
  6. cheebs420

    cheebs420 Member

    being a hippy isnt like belonging to a club. theres no uniform or special chant. its not a group, or a clique. its who you are as a person. its an attitude and way of life. it isnt about the food you eat or the drugs you do its just a feeling of peace and love. its an understanding and apprieciation for the environment around you. instead of thinking in terms of boundries and qualifications just sit back clear your mind and think of what you believe in, what makes you happy. you need to just hang back dont worry about fitting into a certain mold or "group" and be yourself. only then will you find who you are and if you are hippy thats cool and if not thats cool too. just be yourself!

    so to answer youre question...i am in no position to tell you who you are or who you should be. the only person who knows the answer to that is you.

    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member - A Fool on the Hill Lifetime Supporter

    I don't think there is a definition/role/description of what is a Hippie. To me it is one who has freedom of Spirit, youthful Soul, inner strength, an advocate of Freedom and Justice. True to one's values, tolerant and understanding of others, but tempered with the resolve of conviction - One who prescribes to a philosophy of :-
    H. Help
    I. In
    P. Producing
    P. Peaceful
    I. Individual
    E. Existence
    > The most important thing I feel, is that you are yourself and that you are comfortable in that persona.
    Hair, dress and Music are subject to your own taste -and you don't need Drugs to get high!
    Its nice to reflect on what has been, but one of the fundamental principles of the Hippie was to change the World for the better and we're still not there yet! As a Young Ambassador you 'can' make a difference
    Be true to your heart and of course: -
    <* Peace + Love ~ Save the Planet *>
  8. fylthevoyd

    fylthevoyd Super Moderator

    flower there is no need to concern yourself with labels or titles ...seek what pleases you and makes you happy...don't worry about fitting into a predefined group of thought... following idealogies in order to fit in robs you of individuality ...be yourself....and remember that happiness is a direction not a place
  9. oink

    oink Member

    You sound hippie enough for 17 YOA.

    Good advice if you include goodwill to others and a desire to do no intentional harm to man or nature. Respect, others, nature and yourself. I also make an attempt to respect God.

    Never fear, with normal luck and circumstance, you will become as cynical as most of the rest of us.
  10. thank you all for telling me your opinions , your advices.i really appreciate it.:)
  11. Capt Crunch

    Capt Crunch Member

    Hey sister,

    Your thoughts, dreams,feelings, fears and anxieties are right on for your age, whether it is now or 30 years ago. Growing up in the 60's and 70's was alot simpiler. There was a lot to discover. You'll find that there is still alot to discover, mainly about yourself! I don't think the hippie way of life is obsolete as long as you feel free inside. There is no litmus test to be a hippie and it doesn't matter what other people think either. The times of the 60's could never be duplicated today. The corporations and big brother have everyone in their grasps and we've been sold into commercial bondage.

    Sorry for the rambling, but you sound beautiful to me.

  12. Skoolie7

    Skoolie7 Member

    As a teen at your age, I let my hair grow long, walked barefoot, wore bell bottoms, smoked pot and was terrified of the thought of being drafted. I thought how much fun it would be to be a "hippie" but all of the "hippie's" I knew were older than me. One day while walking home from high school, someone called me a "hippie" and I did not know what to think.
    Today, in my 50's, I have returned to the long hair, bell bottoms, quit the pot in April 1973 and no longer drink. I consider myself more of a "hippie" now but have many attributes not commonly associated with being a "hippie".

    I am a Born Again Christian and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
    I volunteered and enlisted in the USNavy served on Nuclear Submarines.
    I am extremely Conservative.
    I do not believe that our government should be involved in Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, Universal Health Care, since these are all Socialistic in nature and that is what we were fighting during the Cold War. Our nation is quickly becoming what we once were fighting against.
    I am Pro-Life and believe that abortion is not the way to deal with a pregnancy that is not wanted.
    For me, being a Hippie is what your personal attitude is about yourself, your life. You, as an individual, have no "Owner's Manual" as well as everyone else on this site and for our own reasons and definitions consider ourselves in some way, form, fashion, attitude or what ever else to be a Hippie.
    I may disagree with the war; however, I will not be at a war protest. The freedoms we enjoy today came with a price, the price of the lives of many many men who considered the sacrifice as part of the price of such freedom. Remember anytime that you visit a battlefield cemetery that those graves are filled with the bodies of young men mostly in their early 20's who died at a point in life most consider to be a prime time. It is because of the price they paid that we enjoy what we have today.
  13. I hope is not offtopic , but i felt like telling a short story connected with what you've said. I live in a new-born democratic country.It used to be a comunist one. ( i do not live in the usa ). About 18 years ago , a revoultion , a rebellion against what the dictatorship ment for my country took place.There died sooo many people. And i feel they've died for ...nothing. I haven't lived the "times before '89" , but I wouldn't want it. It used to be a time of fear.Women weren't aloud to abort.It wasn't legally, so they went on doing it , in non-proper places, with non-proper things.Many of them died.And there are lots of storyes like that.It was an entire generation of human-robots , included in the system.They had what to eat , they had a home , but they didn't had freedom or personality.
    And now , after 18 years , you can walk on then streets and see monuments built for those who died.Even in my school , there is a memorial for a boy that died back then , right at the entrance.What I feel is that poeple (old or young) don't really care about that. It's unimportant for them, and they don't have enough respect for those souls.Afterall , they died for us to live a better life.And we aren't. It makes me sick when i hear my parents telling me how it used to be much better.And if it is like that... why all those people died?
    why was it a lot simplier ? Because generally speaking it was a simplier life ( for all the people ) ? Or... ?
  14. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    OKEDOKEY,,im sure the likes of skoolie aint gonna like what i have to say.

    first off i have to say,

    Americans are not free.

    1 out of 100 americans are in jail or prison,more people per capita are incarcerated in america than any other country in the world. 1 in 32 of us are on probation or parole with the threat of incarceration being used as a tool for control.
    we live with road blocks,wire taps,surveillance cameras,police forces being filled with battle hardened soldiers fresh back from iraq outfitted with military equipment,all under the illusion of "protecting our freedoms". while all the while our prison systems are being privatized,incarcerating people for profit???? yeah thats a sure sign of "FREEDOM" alright..
    no,,ITS ALL BULLSHIT!!!!

    so to address your post,

    why?? all those people as well as our soldiers in iraq afghanistan,etc have to die in the name of "freedom" and you look around and there is no freedom?

    i think thats what your asking..

    there is a very select few in this world who dream of a one world government with a cast society.they and there ancestors have spent the last 300 plus years slowly and methodically working towards that goal. they have used the illusion of freedom and democracy and the promise of it to carry out there plans.

    freedom democracy its all a illusion to gain total control over the masses.your countries plight only serves to prove that this is fact not some conspiracy theory.

    the people like skoolie who believe we in america are truly free,that somehow believe we are the carriers of the torch of freedom are quite frankly brainwashed sheeple,just as the people in your country would seem to be. apathy is a trait the elite have sought to instill in the masses for a very long time.

    our soldiers in iraq are not dieing for the freedom of the iraqis no more than the people of your country died for your freedom. sure they died under the illusion that they were fighting for your freedom,but reality is they died for nothing more than the desire of a few to have total global control over the masses..

    im sorry to tell you this but the only freedom we truly have in todays world is that that we create in our own minds.
    america is not spreading democracy and freedom. we are nothing more than puppets for the elite of this world. we install puppets to carry out the agenda of the elite nothing more.
    the saddest part of this is that they dont care if you see it and are disgusted,they want you to see it and long for "peace" they want you to live with hippie ideals of peace and love,to be non violent no matter what the cost.

    what better of a attitude for the masses to have when your aim is total control?

    is there a answer to this? i dont think there is a non violent answer,nor am i sure that violence to overthrow these people would accomplish anything at this point. these people are shadow people,they control far to much without ever being seen or heard to be overthrown and there plans thwarted at this point.

    so i guess what i am saying is i am truly deeply saddened that you and all the youth of this world were born into such a fucked up mess..

    my life is half over,ive seen the illusion of freedom and democracy be slowly exposed for what it truly is. ive seen the tyranny and control of the powers that be increase ever so slightly year after year and it pains me greatly to think that kids like you have there entire lives to live in a world that youll never be free in.

    i dont have any answers,all i can do is attempt to educate and hope that someone has a answer.

    i am truly saddened that at such a early age you see through there illusion because the sad reality is that now you will spend the rest of your days seeing the travesty and injustices that are being wrought on this world in the name of "freedom" and "democracy"..
  15. OlderWaterBrother

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  16. shameless_heifer

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    We may not have it all down right just yet HHB.. but really we are FAR better off with our freedoms then other countries. Even with the imperfections America is the best place to live as far as human rights go..Take a close look at Africia, or India for that matter..These poverty stricken place have no law, rights or a far wage.. what wage..

    Politics in every country in the world STINK.. but the world itself is a beautiful place.. all the ranting and raving will not make butter..Hating solves nothing.. Love solves everything. All that LSD has left no impression on you?!? and you bet your life that it is better that what we had.. no sir.. it is not, or your view on certian things would be quiet different. Not that I'm pro prisons or anything like that, hell no.. but it's the politics that need changed dont you agree.. it's not the country or it's ppl.. it;s the government.. so lets start from there and work on changing it together.

    Bright Blessings
  17. But who said I see through that illusion ? that was my post about.I only feel that there is not enough respect for people who died believing in something. They had no fault in this.And their memory should be treated pursuant to what they did.

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