I was in amsterdam and it was great!

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by Astralasia, May 15, 2004.

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    I am from munich and being in amsterdam is like being in another world.

    What I enjoyed most was:

    1. Party at Escape (crazy people, crazy sound, crazy everything)

    2. Afterparty at Cafe du Luc (very cool athmosphere)

    3. Coffeeshop Baba (has the BEST and STRONGEST spacecakes)

    4. Removing fatcells from my belly through lipodissolve

    at the Dreambodyfactory, near Central Station.

    (www.dreambodyfactory.com). It looks great now.

    5. Bying staff at the store kitsch kitchen (ups, forgotten the streetname)

    It was really awesome!
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    Hello Astralasia,

    Can you tell me something about the treatment? Was het really good ? How many kg did you lost? Of course if you want to tell it.

    Red Fox
    Thanks for your help.

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