I Was Forced To Remove My Piercings

Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by abarambling, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. binnacledon

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    I wish i knew the whole story.
  2. Otter64

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    I'd say, if you miss your piercings, replace them. Only you can decide which are important enough to get. To hell with what people think. If someone passes judgement on you for your piercings, they are probably not the kind of people you need in your life anyway. Just the humble opinion of a 52 year old civil servant with 10 tattoos, gauged ears, nipple piercings and a brand new PA.
  3. fundoo

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    Just found this thread. I'm not really really into piercings these days, nor do I have any outside of my earlobes anymore, but I was once very fascinated by them and I had a lip one, the one that goes through the lip, the upper lip (?vertical labret?? f! That hurt!) Well, the thing is, I did have to take it out for my jobs. See, I was trying to earn money over summer vacations and didn't find any jobs soon enough. Enough rejections, I had to take a job and take the piercing out every night. Putting it back in every night was like piercing it over and over again in some places, which hurt like a bitch! (Apparently I didn't give it enough time to heal???) Anyway, well, I obviously couldn't take it anymore, oh and had the rude remarks too (by family. Well, they were joking, but it was still annoying I guess) Anyway, I have thought about doing it again. Haha ah yes, because family thought they had won when i took it out. (Soo annoying), because of course i liked it. Well, I mean, I'd get the regular lip ring, which I originally wanted but the piercer wanted to push this new style on me. (Fuck what "those" people think will look good on you! Get what you WANT! Salespeople. I have been stubborn with every one of them since! Lol yeah, a tattoo artist would likely hate me! Ha! anyway) but, you are right. It can be expensive and I also care what certain people think or how I am presented to the world at large. I think they are cool, but I probably won't do it because these days especially, I don't want the attention it brings me. Oh if it was something I really wanted, I wouldn't care, but i don't think I really want/need this....but I have definitely thought about it. :) yeah, still have the scar on the lower part. That part didn't hurt really. It was like going to the dentist. Haha But it was healing quick enough that it didn't bother most of the time, so yeah, I would get that type if I did it again.
  4. abarambling

    abarambling Banned

    There really isn't a story to tell. It happened nearly two years ago, in which I was in a relationship with this guy that emotionally teared me down due to having piercings. He kept forcing me to take them off, until one day they were off. I was heartbroken when it happened. I remember laying on the floor of my bedroom, curled up into a ball. But, like all things... I moved on. I haven't gotten any of the piercings back, except a septum piercing. Piercings are different now for me. There is heartbreak attached to it. So, even though I want to get them back because I'm not with that man anymore, at the same time... it hurts. Also, it's expensive, and tasking on my body. But, yea... that's it.
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    ahh! kinda related to your thing, that it's a bit hard to want to go back when you remember or hear stuff like in this video. Haha yeah I was looking up vertical labret yesterday and found this Youtuber. Yeah, so on second thought, I'd probably not go back to this or the regular lip ring (I'm a little rusty on piercing lingo and also very mentally tired), but it's fun to think about and meet or watch videos of new people. haha And I like this girl's dreadlocks! :D

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    I have a pierced left ear. Its a diamond stud screw back. My mom gave it to me as a 21st birthday gift.
    Next to my wedding ring....my diamond stud earring are my prized jewelry.

    Ive never had my earring removed except for cleaning.

    My employer of 25+years tried many times to make me remove my earring due to policy "no visible piercings". I argued just as many times on equality in the work place due to women could have ear piercings just not men. As more years keep clicking away , my employer's "policy" becomes more watered down with piercing enforcement on men.

    Off topic: Visible Tattoos...omg... long and ongoing battle for all genders at work. At least removing tattoos isnt so easy.


    It wasnt worth it. (Removing your piercings)
    (He wasn't worth it. You should've removed him first)
    People should remove drug/alcohol addiction or abusive/criminal behavior from a relationship....not piercings.

    Get all your piercings back and maybe add a few you never had. You can always do a remove redux (on your own terms)

    Remember, that special someone will fall head-over-heels for you with/without piercings or long/short hair. Your beautiful in everyway.
  7. abarambling

    abarambling Banned

    I had quite a bit of piercings, from ears to genitials. I don't think I can get them all back. That would be a lot of time, money, and energy spent again. But, I like your overall thoughts on the subject.
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  8. makihiko

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    I had a whole wack of piercings, but most of them got caught on things constantly!

    All I have left is my tragus ring and my two 00g plugs in my lobes. The tragus does get in the way of earbuds, and at first it was unpleasant, but after 16 years with my tragus ring, it's feeling better.

    There are a few piercings I would like back. A few ear cartilidge ones would be nice, but nipples, lip, eyebrow and nose, I don't want those ones back.

    I had my tragus ring out for a year or so, when I took a job that required no jewelery. I didn't enjoy my appearance, even though it was something so small, I felt it took away a small part of my identity.

    In the end it is seriously up to you.

    I would have made the same choices over again in the past, but I don't think I would get more piercings.

    Try a tattoo, I find them easier to live with.
  9. la Principessa

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    I have gauges so at least I wouldn't have to get those redone. I'm sure they'd close a little but not all the way. Other than that, yeah I think I would get them redone. Maybe different ones, but I don't want to have no piercings. I love them!

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