i want to read "the diving bell and the butterfly"

Discussion in 'Books' started by greenfairy, May 10, 2004.

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    but no book shops have them... or where i have looked...does anyone have it? ill pay you for it (ill send and international money order if your not in australia) or if you can get it at your bookshop near you, ill be happy to pay for it!! if you wanna donate it...heck...send it my way!! maybe we can trade for something.... thanks!
    oh...ps ..
    if you want to know what its about...its a biography by a man... i cant think of his name... but he had a brain stem stroke and the only part of his body he could control is his left eye. the person who helped him write the book RE INTERPRETED the french alphabet by this man blinking.... i have no idea how... but he wrote a whole biograaphy on how he felt because he over heard someone tell him he was an invalid. he was a journalist before he had his stroke. he wrote about how he felt like a diving bell sinking to the bottom and having no control over his body and the butterflys were acting as his soul running free. 2 days after he had published it, he had a heart attack and died... its interesting.... i really wanna get a hold of it :)
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    Isn't this the book wherethe author had locked in syndrome and dictated it by blinking? .. Or am I thinking of something else?

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