I want to be a dealer

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Communism, May 16, 2004.

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  1. Communism

    Communism Member

    Nothing big.. Just giving it out to people I know and stuff for a fair price, so I don't have to work my ass off at a shit job. So, where do I start?
  2. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    well.. first off do you smoke? because a lot of dealers just smoke their profit, and never make any money.

    second of all, what kind of connections do you have? how much money do you have to start with? how much do you think you could get oh say an ounce of bud for?

    the idea is to buy a lot of it and get it for cheap, and then sell it for 'normal' prices.

    and be careful!
  3. Communism

    Communism Member

    I don't smoke, and I don't plan to smoke a great deal either. don't have any connections, and I don't know shit, but I'm always determined. I get like 150 dollars every month. I'll stay in the forum, learning. What about planting my own marijuana?
  4. how old are you? if you think the kids in town need a reliable dealer, meaning none in your town are good, you should order seeds from an online store, and get good ones...just do a little research...

    www.overgrow.com has good guides on how to grow, etc.

    just be careful...and you should probably make friends with the stoners in your town and smoke occasionally so you have friends to refer people to you and help you out...not to mention buy from you
    yeah, definitely make friends with stoners and get used to the culture and stuff first
  5. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    DUDE!!!!!! this isnt an interview...if u really wanna carrry a ton of pot around with u and sell it, u have to be smart about it. REALLY smart about it. Don't sell shit around police stations and shit like that. Dude...if u don't smoke weed, i don't know if i would sell weed. U should understand weed before u can make a good deal and tell people if its any good etc. also, being that ur a newb, u should really get some knowledge of the lingo, like dimebag or nickelbag(most dealers won't do that for u) 1/8, 1/4, dank, etc. U should also invest in a scale...so u can easily weigh grams,etc....

    just be smart...i hate seeing people selling weed, getting caught, and making a name for potheads everywhere. we are not bad people, we are just more openminded than most people, thats all.

  6. Communism

    Communism Member

    16 next week. Thanks for the tip about getting to know stoners and their culture and stuff.
  7. Communism

    Communism Member

    I won't sell to anybody then people I know and can trust, because if I get caught here, police would choke me to death lol.
  8. I was asking him that to see if he could grow it, because the first guy suggested buying and reselling...

    just hang out with stoners for a few months, and then buy some seeds and grow wherever you can... and, of course, any dealer needs to have a scale, etc.
  9. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    Dealing isnt has easy as you think. my sponser who deals pays about $350 for an ounce then sells each 8th for 50. That means you have to find 8 people who are willing to pay 50 for good weed. You need to know a lot of people and if you want to make good money you dont to be able to get rid of it fast. yeah growing would make you more money. A easy thing to do tho is grow and have your friend sell it. You can get excellent seeds at www.seedsdirect.to.
  10. Note: "none of this is first-hand I am just talking out of my ass to seem cool online" *AHEM

    Anyways, dealing is a good way to support a weed habbit. Weed, that is. Other drugs I can't help you with dealing (well I won't, haha).

    Buy ounces for $80, $100, no more than $120. Then, bag it up as fat nicks. Sell them around the hood for $5, but make sure you're not on someone's selling spots. You can sell the same bags to $10 to white kids and stuff, or people who are new (that's bad kharma blablalba I'm telling him how a dealer operates, a dealer mind is not a smoker mind).

    You should bag it so that you get 60 fat nicks out of an ounce. You should make $300 for them.

    A good way is to have people sell under you. For every 60 bags they sell ($300), they give you $200. Give them like 20 bags at a time and make the give you back $40 or so on every 20 bags. They make some money, you make some, but if you have 2 people do it, your profits are the same as selling half the amount yourself. So having 3-4 people doing it, =2x money of hustling yourself, + no work. Make sure they don't rat on you if cought.

    Look out for substitute teachers. Narcs are substitute teachers sometimes. If you have a new teacher, do not make ANY drug jokes refferences hints, come to class high, etc.

    Stay out of school. If you must sell in school, sell ONLY to people who smoke every day at lunch - and make sure they don't tell anyone. Don't go around chanting "got that bud" or something in school.

    Selling in ghetto areas is not very good, becuase 1) few people will buy from you, 2) your product will have to be very well priced, and 3) many people don't have lots of money. However, there is demand for smoke, and if you're not on someone's turf, you can make quite a few sales.

    You will get money. If you're young, launder it through purchases - by some $600 clothes and tell your mom they were used $30. Do not keep cash around, do not get arrogant. You are not Tony Montana. You are relatively poor, even if you are succesfful, as your parents income is going to be far more. You will realize that $26,000/year in cash looks great, but isn't that much at all.

    You should avoid getting robbed, by not going indoors. People will intimidate you, manipulate you, try to get sample bags, do everything. Do not give anything free. Walk away if you have to. Do not be threatened. If you have been robbed, then put dust on your weed so the next time the robbers steal from you (let them, but be careful), they get fucked. Carry a strap for deals involving more than a few ounces.

    Um I'm kinda high now so I'll tell you more later...

    Remember everything you post online is being read. This is being read by cops right now.
  11. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Well the FIRST smart thing you do is DON'T come to websites asking advice on how to break the law. Because either you're going to become a target, or you are LOOKING for targets.

    Get real, and keep this shit to yourself.

    You got no connections & you don't smoke.

    You sound like you'd make a better narc than a dealer.
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