I Voted, Have You?

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    Think you are disenfranchised, your voice is not heard, or just don't care? Well, this IS your easiest revenge. Vote the bastard out of office, or help get someone you think is best fill the void that presently exists.Vote!

    No matter who you favor, get your vote counted!

    You might think it's not important, but there are a number of things to be decided, by all of us. Ignoring the situation lets the folks who are most organized win, and their agendas may be commercial or politically motivated; possibly with results that may harsh your buzz, kill the joy in your life, or even endanger your life.

    Nationally there is a huge power struggle for control of the US Government, as always. Margins are thin in this ever-increasingly divided thing we call our country. Perhaps this is due to media manipulation as some say, but a growing trend to avoid voting has worsened the situation.

    I say it's time to end the lethargy and get your voice heard. Don't be afraid to discuss the issues with your neighbors and friends. Tell them why you think a certain way and we will all communicate, perhaps better understand each other.

    In California the ballot initiatives are few, but need your vote to ensure your future. Many counties have local proposals concerning the cultivation of medical marijuana and the banning thereof. Governor Brown has sponsored two measures, one to save funds for the state's future 'rainy days,' the other to strengthen the state's infrastructure concerning water.

    The voters in California get a valuable resource free in the mail, a pamphlet with the complete texts of the proposed initiatives, and a run-down of who's running for which offices, statewide and local. Take the time to look it over, put the TV ads and soundbites out of your mind and read the text. Form your own opinion, and VOTE!

    If you're not careful, and don't vote, you may wake up one day in a country or place that has no vote, no personal liberties - and government control over all aspects of your life.

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