I thought this was kind of mean

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Deidre, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. Deidre

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  2. Michael1985

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    I really don't see what was gained here. It seems she just made herself as miserable for not getting to roll about as he was.
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  3. Deidre

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    Yea, I agree Michael. I guess she was testing his reactions, to see if their relationship was just based on sex? But if you have to question your relationship like that, maybe that should tell ya something lol
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  4. YouCanTrustMe

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    Cruel and unusual punishment.
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  5. Niamh2636

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    I can't see why anyone would want to do this. I know I never would. Chances are my husband would worry himself sick that there was something seriously wrong after day 3 or 4. As far as I'm concerned mind games of this nature are really not at all clever.
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  6. alexsandro

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    That is a bit, really big deal with a devil. Do not do it anymore, he would not be waiting
  7. playful_nath

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    thats just stupid and immature. giving a handjob or blowjob takes 10 minutes and makes him happy. ill bet if he refused sex she would say he's sleeping with another girl. wich he should do if he finds out she did this on purpose.
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  8. This article is not believable. The author is a professional writer who submits material for publication in periodicals that discuss sex on many different levels. I doubt she actually barred her hubby from sex for a week. The content has a feel of imagination and is structured in a way for entertainment. Plus, the reasoning for abstention is incorrect. "Masturbated already"? That would have gotten her ready for more as we know women, most of them, are multi orgasmic. Being "Self Conscious"? She claims she likes pizza and sex, not necessarily in that order. She wasn't worried about a little flab last week, why now? "Waiting for him to come"? More like anticipating his orgasm. Then her conclusions have typical observations that have been discussed many times before. She says he has both restraint and respect. Duh, the fool really loves her. She summizes that "clearer than ever is that sex is essential in every healthy relationship." Totally wrong opinion. Many relationships drift away from sexual to non-sexual and the love is as strong as ever. Sex is not essential long term, compatibility is. I know this because I live it today. Finally she writes that she demeans him. "I’m pretty sure if I did it again for another seven days, he still wouldn’t get it." Really? Not! He is not stupid and he is not deaf. He would get it. It may not be her sex, but he would get some.
  9. AnyaZ89

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    Its just plain mean to deny your husband sex for 7 days. I wouldn't deny it for even one day, unless I was truly not feeling well. Sex before bed helps me sleep at night.
  10. Michael1985

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    I took the author at her word, and understood that she was claiming to have made up cheap excuses not to do it, not that she had genuine reasons. I don't think even she believed her excuses for no sex, but they were what she told him.
  11. drumminmama

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    Hm. In my writing days, I would have considered this, if it was pitched.
    And the apology sex would need to be epic.

    I didn’t see much results in the article, but I have been known to say that bloggers can be dead lazy when it come to drawing conclusions from their click bait experiments.

    (Wanders off wondering what the current guy would do. Saying no is astoundingly rare. Even, not this, tonight but how about xyz? is not common.)
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  12. Deidre

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    These are all good points. I think that her motive was to just test their relationship. If sex was omitted, would they last? I think sex is important, but how she went about it, probably wouldn't give an accurate conclusion as to how her husband might react if one of them couldn't have sex anymore, for different reasons. The difference between ''can't'' and ''won't'' is probably what determines hurt feelings, and ruined marriages/LTR's.
  13. vols

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    Have you let a guy cum in your mouth
  14. Irminsul

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    All well and good.....
    But im looking elsewhere after 2 days.
  15. Jude96

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    I agree with you.. if you have to question it then it doesn’t seem like the foundation is strong.. people should be enjoying each other in a relationship whether they’re a month in or a decade in
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