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Discussion in 'Remember When?' started by themnax, May 7, 2007.

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    i think the most worth remembering is when you didn't have to have a car and not everyone did.

    i just wish we could still have that, AND have these computers and the internet, which didn't, in the form we have them now, exist yet then.

    that and not every place having building codes and there were still unexplored jungles and 'lost' tribes, even ruins that hadn't been discouvered yet, and places where you could live cheeply where hardly anybody else did at all.

    and there were certain kinds of jobs you could always get because nobody else wanted them, most those though, were before even my own time, though not all of them.

    but really the most important thing was not everything having to be about money or trying to impress anyone.

    when most people did not live in suburbia and if you didn't live in an appartment in the city, chances are you lived in a house either you or someone in your family built themselves or whoever you bought or rented it from had, and not as a contractor but as an owner builder.

    i almost feel like i have to appologise for how utopian that must sound to anyone born since 1980. it wasn't utopian of course, there were a lot of prejudices and paranoias even then too.

    but there were far away palces with strainge sounding names the really were different from each other.

    when only rich people could afford to fly in an airplane and they had propellers. trains and bussess went and stopped everywhere and 90% of people crossing an ocean did so on a boat. and even airplanes had to island hop in order to do so.

    it's not like all this made everything better then, it's just that it was a lot easier to go as entirely unnoticed as you might wish to. and no one gave such a really bad time for wanting to.

    i still think, well we don't need to turn back any clocks tecnologicly, but i see no reason people couldn't again let each other live more mellowly and quietly, in diverse, natural and unregimented surroundings, and without having to be socialy privelaged in order to do so.

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    Well I was born way be for 1980. So were my kids.
    I remember my first commercial airplane ride. It was in 1955 on a DC-6. From Medford Oregon to San Francisco, about 3 1/2 hrs. Mom got me all scrubed up and got dressed up with a tie and sports coat, because "Flying" was something special.
    Some of the clocks I'd like to turn back. But some of the toys I'd like to keep. Like the wireless laptop I'm on now making this post. Which allows me to check 30 on line news services each morning while I have my morning coffee, all from my kitchen table in my log cabin here in Alaska.
    These times they are a changeing..........

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