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Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by MeatWagon499, May 30, 2004.

  1. MeatWagon499

    MeatWagon499 Senior Member

    Hey I did 4 lines of speed and an adderall-xr 30mg over 24 hours ago and my pupils are still dilated, is this normal or am I going to die? This was my first time doing amphetamines so maybe i was just sensitive to them? help my heart keeps beating hella fast and my chest is gunna explode.
    ive been drinking water all day took a vitamin ate a little but im still all wierd. whats goin on????
  2. Ediction421

    Ediction421 Member

    Eat all kinds and drink milk, smoke some weed, and get some sleep.
    (and yes it's normal for a first timer when doing what you did.)
  3. MeatWagon499

    MeatWagon499 Senior Member

    thanks man i feel better now.. i just ate too. i guess u smoked some meth too eh? fun shit. assloads of fun. i hate that crap...
  4. Dallas-321

    Dallas-321 Member

    Believe it or not cranberry juice seriously speeds the exit of amphetamines from the body.

    Risperdone will pretty much turn off any psychoactive drug. I keep it around in case of a bad trip. Ive tried it a few times just to test it and it turned off a 5-meo-mipt trip on its peak in just under an hour.
  5. MeatWagon499

    MeatWagon499 Senior Member

    damn i wish i knew that yesterday lol that crap ruined my whole day
  6. sag aloo

    sag aloo Member

    u just gotta find ur right dose dude
  7. serra

    serra tentacle girl

    that sucks!

    that happened to me too, i had to work the next nite and my pupils were still huge! thankfully i have dark eyes so it wasn't overly noticable!

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