I slashed some guys car tires by accident, well not rally an accident

Discussion in 'True Confessions' started by Thethirdbenjamin, May 27, 2004.

  1. Well not rally an accident afterall it was somewhat intential, but he drives the exact same car someone eles does.

    There was this guy i knew in one of my clases, he was one of those guys who thinks there all that, and according to him he thinks he's the coolist person in the world.

    Eventualy i had enought and i decided to slash his tires i went out one day at around 3am, i went to his house and hit his car, that is at the time i thought it was his car.

    i eventually found out i hit his dads car by accident, LoL...ooops...
    which i couldn't understand because what are the odds that two people in the same family will be driving an almost identical car, both drive a pontiac sunfire????

    Once i got that corrected I ended up going out the next day and slashing the right car this time.

    It was funny because i rember him pouting about how other people did other things to his car, like egging and etc,

    Which makes you wonder maybe i'm not the only person annoyed with him.
  2. cousinit

    cousinit Member

    excuse my language, but i really hate people who sneak around, lie and cheat more than anything.

    He may well be an idiot. But if your not bsing and actually did what you said. Then you are a fucking coward, and I hope he finds out and beats the shit out of you. as this is very serious shit
  3. Thank you vary much for criticizing the way i delevered my vengance towards this person.

    First of all when you get back at a person what you want is minimal risk for a lot of gain, and basicly this was the way to go.

    I'm no strategist but its doesn't take a genius to figure out that going "head on" will result injury for everyone involve.

    If I got back at him by fighting what whould happen is both of us whould be seriously injured.

    While slashing this tire whould casue finacial and possible pride damage instead.

    What is better physical injury or mental and pride injury????
    Physical injury heals up after a while, while emotional injury take time to heal.

    I never did get caught afterall, i'm not normally like this i'm normaly pretty friendly, no one suspected me because this guy rally drove be beyond the "red line" I mean relly beyond it.

    That guy never figured out it was me, at least i don't think so.

    Several weeks later he apologied so maybe he suspected it could have been me, but he didn't specfy anything about the tire slashing, but what he did say is he was sorry for acting like an idiot.

    He also said sorry to everyone elese,

    Basicly everything ended the way i wanted it which was either

    a) I get back at him with a huge blow and he will stop right there

    b) I lauch huge blow towards him he doesn't stop but at least he says sorry and we make are peace.

    c)He stops and says sorry.

    but he pick option B he is still an idiot but at least he took the opportunity to say sorry.

    Keep in mind i wasn't the only person who did something to him several weeks earlier he got an a fight with someone on his street, i don't know the details.

    But the fact that more then one person had something against this person must be mean something right???
  4. cousinit

    cousinit Member

    yes it means that his is an idiot, but their are other ways to deal with people.

    ive alwasy prefered the face to face approach to such people. but this usually ends up in a fight.
  5. Legend

    Legend Member

    Revenge Is So Easy And So Satisfying! As Long As You Dont Get Caught! Assholes Like That Guy (The High And Mighty Fuck) Deserve Everything They Get!!!
  6. no way...shit like that is messed up. why let anything work you up that much? your breeding to much negetivety when revenge is on your mind.

    messing with people things like that is a cowards way out...if you have a problem with someone take it to them with intentions of finding the best solution for all involved. if you cant find the solution...continue to not get along with them, but sneaking around and doing things to intentionally hurt people will never make you happy.
  7. Jetblack

    Jetblack Senior Member

    lol i say pop him wiht a 9 :)
  8. butterfly

    butterfly Member

    That's fucked up...

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