I seem to have few dreams, and can't remember any of them

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by beachbum7, May 14, 2004.

  1. beachbum7

    beachbum7 Lookin' for any fun

    I wouldn't consider this is a problem, but this thought just entered my mind. I seem to have very few dreams - or more so, I can hardly remember any of them. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else.

    But the interesting thing I can vividly remember some nightmares. There's one of me being involved in a car accident. There's another in which I was late to work. And I remember another nightmare that makes no sense - well, it would make no sense if I explained it to you. Some people from my past and present were together somehow doing something... well, I just can't explain it.

    So, is there any reason why I would remember my nightmares more vividly than my dreams?
  2. SoundStepper

    SoundStepper Member

    I am the same way, but most of the time i go to bed when im just like my eyes or too heavy and i can't stay up any longer. So i go to bed always exshusted, so maybe i sleep so hard that i don't even know that i am dreaming, or even there for that matter, but the dreams i do have are so crazy and unqine that i do remeber them, but they all make sense they are always about going somewhere, but maybe right now its because life does seem like a dream.

    Maybe dreams are how unhappy you are in your life. Many people dream because they aren't too happy with their condition and can think of things better.

    on anthoner note, dreams can happen when you are awake, Jerry was right about 'Daytime Daydream' you can start to drift during the day and space out.
  3. SoundStepper

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    nightmares are more intense. We seem to remeber the bad things more than the good things.
  4. ice

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    i think sum dreams arent ment to be remembered
  5. Moving_cloud

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    Hi beachbum7

    i think because nightmares are more vivid, and too because you want to make sure you remember ... but what is it you remember.

    Dreams come first and we follow, to tap right into the experience and it is like we create it in our intent first before we enter, forming the patterns and images around to scoop from even when we walk in the waking life experience that is time and material bound, to again look from that state of immidiate knowledge and wonder that is natural in dreams as it is our natural state of being ... ... bear with me for the long sentence!

    Ok so nightmares are energy dreams not necessarly bad and just help you to wake up and know you change ... even if it is change that we are afraid of mostly. But then we too anchor them around those experiences that feel like a major challenge in life but at the same time hold the key to growth and change and better knowledge of ourselfes that we are so drawn to even if it might shake us to the bones.

    The nightmares remind you that you are real beyond the self set boundaries that make you feel just safe and this is what makes them so special. But then dreams and waking life go hand in hand or like i said before we dream all the time. Some come across as waking experience where we have a physical structure and tend to take things for more guaranteed. But in the end we are but energy moving and ever changing on. This is what you want to remember.

    Just a view, i hope i did not overly confuse you ...

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