I see things, but just from the corner of my eye...

Discussion in 'Psychic' started by cerridwen, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    I get that weird feeling that someone's watching me, even though I know I'm alone. I could be working on something, and from the corner of my eye, I could swear that I thought I saw someone, but no one would be there. It's starting to creep me out, but I don't know what to do about it... any ideas or am I just being paranoid?
  2. Archemetis

    Archemetis Senior Member

    lol we'r never alone.
  3. Soulless||Chaos

    Soulless||Chaos SelfInducedExistence

    There is always so much going on, maybe you're just glimpsing that which is normaly not known? Or as you said, it could just be paranoia... :rolleyes:/
  4. StarFaerie

    StarFaerie Member

    That happens to me all the time too. All human beings have this awareness, we just shove it down, hence the seeing things out of the corner of your eye. That way it's easy to rationalize it away. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about or anything, these spirits have been around forever.
  5. august_moon

    august_moon Member

    I get this too, and it's always appears as a black shadow in corners. (corner of my eye, or the room or the window etc). Definately spirits so if your busy say, "I'm busy right now go away please." Or if you would like them to leave altogether, telling them to go towards the light usually works. But as long as they don't bother you you should'nt need to worry about their presence. Just tell them that you know that they are there, that's usually all they want to know and they'll leave you be.

  6. thanks for the advice, august. i was wondering the same thing.
  7. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    1.you might be going blind.
    2.you might have something in your eye .. dead skin sells floating about.
    3.you might be self conscious and think that people are looking at you, at all times.. even when they are not , you create the feeling yourself to be ever self conscious.

    4.you truly are seeing people .. take a nap or cash in, in some way.

    I am being half serious honest...
  8. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    Be careful about using the phrase "Go towards the light." I know most of us have seen it used in movies, but it is beleived that ghosts and other spirits see HUMANS as balls of energy light, and often telling them to "Go towards the light." attracts them to you.

    There are cleansing and blessing rituals you can do. My dd was a baby and complaining about "a man" in the corner of her room who she did NOT want there, and a "little boy, crying." I asked her why the boy was crying and she said "Pox." She was a YEAR OLD, and had no idea what Pox were. Scary thing was, she did the same thing downstairs, in the room right under hers.

    I think they were just passers by. I did a cleansing with Kosher salt and Burning Sage and prayer and a crucifix, and it stopped. I cleansed, and prayed and told them to leave. Then I sealed the entire room with salt. We weren't bothered again in this house. Thank God.

    I am sure some here have more specifics on how to cleanse your house.
  9. Arachne

    Arachne Member

    as such a young person, i've had way too much experience with these entities. they are extremely common. they're usually seen peripherally, darting from place to place, or just flickering for a moment. i don't know much about them. but i do know they they are referred to as "shadow spirits" or "shadow people".
  10. KevinSmith

    KevinSmith Member

    august_moon has the idea, that will work.

    Maggie Sugar is also right on, that is ideal for such a situation if you believe the spirits are not peaceful.

    The reason you see them out of the corner of your eye is because you are not focused on them. They are not of the 'physical' and when you look at them, your physical eyes try to focus on the 'physical' and that's why they "disappear". They are still there, you just don't see them. Try closing your eyes and meditating, trying to focus on their energy still in the room.

    The reason you feel like something is watching you is because of your 7th chakra, your crown chakra. They are tapping into it when they focus on you and try to contact you; consequently, you will notice this.

    Try this house clensing ritual to remove any unwanted spirits/energies from your house & home.

    Pour about 1.5 tbsp of sage into an ashtray. Light it and get a gentle smoldering going for smoke. You will also need a box of kosher salt or you can get a spray bottle with water and kosher salt, shake this mixture up. If you use the spray bottle method, just mist it gently but not enough to see droplets. If you are using kosher salt, just drop a rock here & there along the border of the wall.

    Walk around the walls of each room reciting "I break up and release all negative and stagnant energy in this place. May peace, light, and divine love protect us and be ever present."

    Have a window open on one end of the house as an exit for the negative energy to release.
  11. BlackGuardXIII

    BlackGuardXIII fera festiva

    In May/June of last year I had a series of these things happen over a three day period. I even saw a little 'thing?' peak out from around my fridge. I was sure it was my cat, and I went into the kitchen, and he wasn't there, he was asleep on the couch. One night I was sitting right here and saw shadows move across the wall above my monitor. My blinds, a foot to my left were swaying a good two inches side to side. I looked down around my feet expecting my cat brushed against the blinds, but again he was across the room asleep. I said to him, "Orangey, we have ghosts here." Then I told them to go to a my fiance's hospital room and guard her. I got an email the next day from a woman who said while she meditated that night she saw two angels at my fiance's bedside, one at the foot, and one by her head, stroking her forehead, so I told her about the shadow/blinds/ghosts marching orders incident.
    I see the peripheral phenomena fairly often, and it is only annoying in that I'd like to get a better look at them one time.
  12. pixietreeleaf

    pixietreeleaf Member

    Might be the faeries they come in all sizes and are relativly harmless.Still polietly ask them to leave you alone when they are bugging you.
  13. leigh41663

    leigh41663 Member

    istn't the awakening of your third eye fun? Don't look directly at the vision but keep the side glance going and see what you can see. Lots of time when you look at it, it will go away. Try sending it some positive energy. Do this by using your right hand and small clockwise motions. Remark what you feel and perceive. Make sure you send the energy thru your heart chakra. Good chances are you will be able to see more.

    if you are willing to continue awakening your third eye get a piece of Azurite stone and place directly between your eyebrows, this can also help to open. Lapis Lazuli will also do the same thing.

    As the earth vibrations increase, more and more folks will experiencing just this type of thing. You may be beginning to activate more dna strands.... cool, huh?
  14. Syntax

    Syntax Senior Member

    I've seen things, I've seen them with my eyes. I've seen things, I've seen them in disguise.
  15. shameless_heifer

    shameless_heifer Super Moderator Super Moderator

    Spirits travel on a different frequency then we do. That's why they appear to be floating when seen.
    The shadowy figures are spirits, the cobolt blue lights are Angels that travel even higher up.
    I have several Spirits and Angels around my old house. I had/have an old lady that doesn't like me and says sarcastic things to me. Everyone that stays in my house has seen them and they even hitch rides home with them.
    There's one Spirit that hides things in the darndest places. Litterally taking something from your hand and placing it somewhere else where you haven't been.
    There is a Cat or something like a cat that use to sit on my sons chest and purr when he lived upstair.
    There are several shadow spirits going up and down my hall way at all hours of the day and night.
    There has been a lot of activity upstairs and we don't use the upstairs anymore. The blue lights travel from upstairs to the living room and hovers over anyone that sits on the couch.
    I see them the most when I am alone and still, like when I'm reading or working on my crafts. When my mind is quite and I'm working with essential oils my frequency is open on a higher level or vibration and I see the shapes and hear the spirits talking. I can't always make out what they are saying, it's alomst like a high pitched buzz sometimes.
    My sister and me had had several saunce's and we smudged the house and used salt and buried chyanne pepper on the four corners of the property. We burned candle and did rituals and prayed.
    I still have the Spirits
  16. soccergirl

    soccergirl Member

    The mind is a powerful muscle (or is it an organ). If you believe you can see spirits out of the corner of your eye than you will see them. If you believe that smearing mustard on your ass then stand on your head while saying the alphabet backwards will get rid of the spirits, then the spirits will go away. Sometimes your mind is projecting an image that isn't there.
  17. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    That's exactly what I get, a dark shadow... lol... sheesh. Thanks for all the advice, but it still weirds me out a little...

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