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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by WeeDMaN, Jan 26, 2005.

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    Last night I had a dream me and my brother went to a gas station, and I wanted to buy a pack of those chocolate cigs, and she said 9.99 and I wuz like WTF I could get a normal pack for that, so me and my bro left and we where walking on the high way, and I dont know why but we where going with traffic. and my brother walked to the middle of the road and got smoked by a car, I then talked to him and asked him if he was alive, he then asked me what was going on , I explained to him what happened, then he said he was scared and I started to cry, then I woke up...

    Can someone help me with this cuz its been bothering me all day.
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    sorry i couldn't help you out with it! :) but don't worry its ok if its bothered you, i think its normal, people go thru that phase. well hope you feel better and not to worry about it.
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    Hi WeeDMaN

    I think it is about the internal work of opening your own heart, to change and reach beyond your own self with tears and healing.

    Imagine it is all about the experience and even your post, question and answers you get is part of it. It is like you are almost missing the dream but then the answers are here for you always to help you grow and change, and it is maybe just you who is still hesitating, asking if it is all worth its price. And so you go on seeking for the impulses of change and seek to understand life from inside out, be it on the sunny side or in the shadows of questions that catch you with the stream of events, to stir the heart and mind.

    In the end it is all about you and what you make of it is what counts. Who do you want to be. And then be the one yourself in your actions and reactions, and be even more, and be the best you can be in all the experience. And see your brother now just helped you to be the one, and be in communication with your own heart. And maybe you can see him the same way.

    Have a good day

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