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Discussion in 'Astrology' started by I_Am_A_Robot, May 31, 2004.

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    alright im crazy
    the girl i like
    or as i say love
    but im only a teenager---
    she got me into reading the horoscopes
    anyway i got some questions

    which signs go with what signs
    and who are opposites
    and anything basic i need to know
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    Well your opposite sign is a sign 6 months befor and after yours example

    Capircorn ends around January 20/21 +6 months = June 20/21 the start of cancer

    so cancer and capircorns are opposites

    Another things NEVER and i say NEVER depend your relationship on sun sign alone. It depends on The rissing/ascendant, moon and sun sign.

    Your sun sign is your sign that is determined by when in the month you where born, it tells you the most basic aspect of you.

    Keep in mind no one i mean no one born with the same sign is exactly the same.

    Rissing sign is the sign people see you as, in other words its like a mask covering what your real sign is.

    Your moon is determined by what time the moon was in when you where born it tells what your feelings are.

    My recomendation, or maybe if you want to seam like a guy who knows everything about astrology to impress your gal,

    go to http://www.astro.com/horoscopes/ahor.asp and get your chart done
    I say it once and i say it again.

    go to Chart drawing, Ascendant to get a chart done.
    after your chart is done click on Astro Click Portrait and click anywhere on the chart and it will explain everything.

    By the way aries tend to get along with leo, Sagatrious, Aquarious,Libra and gemini. But if you ask me for an aries i whould say Leo, they can make fred flinston's bedrock. LOL
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    What you may also want to consider (and this has worked for me in the past) is to do a little numerology as well... I've done thorough readings for myself and others to see how compadable I am with someone, not only with Western Astrology, but Chinese astrology, numberology as well.

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