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Discussion in 'The Orgasmic Experience' started by Skylah, Aug 10, 2013.

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    Ok, so I'm new here and really need some advice. I hope this doesn't get too long but here goes. This is embarrassing but I am just realizing that I am totally inexperienced in a lot of ways. My ex-husband was my first...my first everything. We were together since we were teenagers and I had never touched another man sexually until after we divorced. He wasn't very...err adventurous I guess I should say. Sex with him was always the same...15 minutes of missionary and it was over for the night. No seconds or anything. Now, moving on. After we divorced I had a one night stand once that to be honest I was too drunk to remember most of...lol Shortly after that I met my boyfriend and we have been together for 6 months. He is WAY more experienced than I am. It's like he knows every spot to touch me or kiss me and he teases me until I can't take it anymore before he actually lets me have it. When he finally does, it immediately sends me into an over the top mind blowing orgasm like nothing I have ever felt! Once he gets started he lasts for a long time and constantly switches everything up. I don't think there is a position we haven't tried and I end up having 4-5 orgasms every time we have sex. The only problem is, I constantly worry about how it feels for him. I feel like there's just no way I can measure up. Most of the time I give him complete control because I am scared to take control myself. The only time I ever get on top is when he asks me to or he rolls over and pulls me onto him. Once I'm there it feels really awkward to me because I don't know if I'm doing stuff right. All I know is what feels good for me. I'm completely clueless on how to please him. The only thing I know for sure that he likes is when I give him oral. I can tell he likes that because it doesn't take long for him to cum and he trembles from head to toe. I have tried to ask him what other things feel good but I don't really get anywhere asking him. He always says "yes" if I ask if a certain thing feels good and if I ask what he likes in general he says "I like it all." I am a very sensitive person who gets her feelings hurt easily and even though I've told him it won't, I think he's afraid it will hurt my feelings if he speaks up. So I don't really get any specifics but I feel like he wants me to take control more. More than anything, I really just want to surprise him and take control. I want to tease him the way he teases me and give him that build up before I put it in. But I have no idea how to go about doing this! I have such a fear of looking like an idiot that I just chicken out before attempting it. I need some tips that could help me out on knowing what to do so that I might be able to build up my confidence enough to try. So is there anyone who could give me some advice on what I should do? Like what would be a good way to just drive him crazy and make him want me the way he makes me want him?
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    watch a xxx movie...... when you are alone order one of those filthy movies every cable company sells and sit down in front of the tv and watch and learn
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    read a years worth of cosmo magazines. they have these type of articles all the time.

    I dont think your bf is lying to you when he says he likes the job your doing. Especially the all kinds of sex part, because most men do.

    A easy way to tease him back is when your giving him oral, lick and suck on the shaft. Dont suck the head or go down for awhile. Then when you do, speed things up, then slow down. Then repeat the beginning part over again.

    As for wanting to control him. Here's a easy way and I know he'll be ok with it. Get some handcuff's! You'll be in complete control, downside, youll have to do everything.
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    Biggest thing, stop being a worrier....your doing ok..he sounds like a great guy.
    The more you worry about it, the more you will develop hangups..dont worry..
    Just make sure you add all the little things..touching, kissing, feeling...tell him whats nice when he touches you...he will start to tell you..the biggest thing with sex to remember, if your both willing, its going to be good...
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    Just keep practicing and trying new things, you will get better at it and you both will enjoy the experimentation. Watch some porn movies to get some ideas about different varieties of things you an try.
  6. I dated a much more experienced older guy for a while. What he got me to do was to tie him to the bed and let him watch me play with myself. After I'd had an orgasm in front of him, I teased him, by touching, and with my mouth. Then I rubbed myself up and down him without letting him actually slip inside me for a couple minutes. By that time he could hardly control himself and I finished him off with my mouth.
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    Dont panic, I guarantee he gets his kicks from pleasing you...my man is the same. I think you are worrying far too much...if it's still hot as it was when you met you must realise it's you that's drives him wild.. you don't have to do much else...you could dress up for him if you wanted to try that...he sounds like a giver and your orgasms will be his satisfaction :)

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  8. Enthusiasm and confidence is far more important than technique and remember it is fun not a job

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