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Discussion in 'Movies' started by prankster1590, Aug 20, 2005.

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    I wanna buy a movie but it is very hard to get.

    I wanna buy 'the hippie revolution' from Jack O'Connell (Not the 'Hippie Revolt' from Edgar Beatty. I have that one already)

    So i'm searching the net but there is almost no one who haves it and can send it to Holland where I live.
    There is one internetstore who haves. This one http://www.thevideobeat.com/store/product-514.html
    But I don't thrust this store. I have mailed the man if it was possible to post orders with insurance because the postman in Amsterdam have long fingers and like to steal packages with DVD's in it.
    He answered very rudely.
    He said. He said: Then don't order. and he terminated my account. I was shocked. Never have seen something like this.

    Are there stores in the US or other websites that have this DVD?? I really wanna see it!
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    If I had it. And a box. And alot of stamps. I would so mail it to you.

    but I dont...im sorry.

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