I need brownie recipies from experienced users and cooks!

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by purcolekraze, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. purcolekraze

    purcolekraze Member

    I'm thinking about making brownies for a celebration of me completing my freshmen year of high School. I just want an easy effective recipie. CAould you please send me one?
  2. one way to do it is put pot, water, and butter in a pot heat it for a couple hours, stirring occassionally, strain out the plant matter, and let the water/butter refridgerate until the butter freezes and rises to the top, and then make the brownies as you would normally but with the special butter instead of regular butter
  3. ericf

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    Go down to the store. Pick up a box of unsweetened or semi-sweet Baker's chocolate. There will be a recipe on the back of the right one for a batch of brownies. I have used it with great success. The only thing you do different.

    Take the stick of butter, melt it in a pan, crush up 1/2oz of shwag... really really crushed... powered would be awesome (throw it in a coffee grinder if you have a spare -- remove the seeds or expect a nutty flavor which isn't really bad just different). Slowly heat the butter and weed powder mix. Depending on how fine you powdered the weed, heat it for about 20 minutes. Less if you got it really powdered, more if you got lazy. Stir constantly and do not allow it to boil or simmer. Just keep it over low heat.

    Then add it into the recipe where it is called for. I think it wants you to microwave the chocolate and butter together (instead add the butter after so you don't boil off some THC). Then just follow the directions. These will blow you away. Also, if you lick the bowl and spoon, you might be high when it is time to remove the brownies. If you licked it all by yourself you might not want to get up and you'll burn the brownies (personal experience here) -- so KEEP motivated. No matter how blissfully baked you are, those brownies need to be removed from the oven.
  4. ericf

    ericf Member

    Oh, in the above, you will not worry about straining the plant matter out. It won't matter at all. Even with reasonable sized chunks you won't notice them in the brownies. The brownies are dark and rich enough that they don't really look or taste different and the straining just gets messy.

    I have made a couple batches with the seeds ground up as well. It adds a nutty flavor that is nice. You may not like it but lots of people do. If you have a bunch of friends you can try a batch like that once and see.

    Enjoy! :D
  5. Just buy brownie mix if ya wanna do it simple and melt butter instead of using the oil and chop up your weed and cook it with the butter, what happens is all the thc in the weed exstracts and gets cauht in the butter, this is the best way to do it. mix the butter into the brownie mix and your rockin'. follow instructions on the brownie mix box of course before you stick in the butter. peace out
  6. That's pretty much what I do, but I just use a different standard brownie mix. However, I do strain out the weed, just because I don't powder it. I typically just put it in my Sweet Leaf grinder and grind it how I would for a blunt.
  7. MelvnDoo

    MelvnDoo Member

    here´s a recipie offa pot-tv. you can most likely find the video of it in the archives there, but here´s the actual recipie:

    Toker´s Bowl Brownies
    -4 eggs
    -1/2 cup butter or margarine (or use ganja butter)
    -1 cup nuts (optional)
    -2 cups sugar
    -1 cup flour
    -1 1/4 teaspoon salt
    -1 tsp. vanilla extract
    -4 squares unsweetened bakers chocolate (30g)
    -or if you use chocolate chips, eliminate the vanilla
    -cannabis 1.5-2oz ground to a flour (all plant material)

    1.cannabis-chocolate mixture
    -low/medium heat (wooden spoon is fine)
    -melt 1/2 cup butter or margarine
    -put in ground cannabis, mix
    -put in chocolate, stiring so nothing burns until it´s a smooth consistency
    -set aside to cool
    2.large mixing bowl (rubber spatula)
    -beat eggs, salt until frothy (bubbly, white, frothy)
    -add vanilla (only if unsweetened chocolate was used)
    -add 2 cups sugar
    -mix together
    -add flour into bowl, mix
    3.add chocolate mixture into mixing bowl, mix until nicely mixed, but not too much
    -fold in nuts if desired
    4. spread into 9"x13" slightly greased (glass) baking pan (large surface area)
    -place in oven, bake at 350º for a full 25 min.
    -let cool, makes 2 dozen brownies. enjoy!
  8. ericf

    ericf Member

    Wow, those are going to be some potent brownies. And not cheap either, where I am that would run at least $100. I guess it is a matter of tolerance. I find using a lot less weed works fine for me but I know some people need a really potent buzz.

    I can think of one time where I had something as potent as that batch of brownies. It was an oatmeal bar that literally glowed green. It was awesome but about 40 minutes after it kicked in I was asleep... it was just too much.

    I am going to save that recipe though. I like it (sounds like it's close to my normal one) and when I hear of a friend buying in bulk I might throw down some cash to get enough weed to make a batch like that. :D
  9. everyone is getting so complicated and such... and i read alot of these techniques also... here's what i do, whenever i do it, and it'dalways always always worked amazubgly

    just go and buy some "do it yourself" brownie mix... anything... pillsburyy, better crocker, anything...

    it comes wiht the directions and everything.... right there on the backl. get a big bowl, and do what it tells you.
    then, just get some herb... if you're using some shwag, make sure you de-seed it and se-stem it as much as you can. if you leave some seeds or stems in, i'ts all good. if you can get some kind herb, that's even better.
    make sure it's gorund up really well, and while youi're mixing the ingredients, slowly pour in the reefer. it will get a little bit thicker, so pour a LITTLE bit more milk/melted butter in. it will bring it back to the original consistancy. make sure you mix it REALLLLY good, so the reefer is well distributed. then just cook normally... it's very very simple.... and lemme tell you... it worked amazingly.

    fuck all that buzzkilling melting and butter and all kinds of that prep'ing nonsense... i'm sure it works and tastes hella good... but if you're like ol' ethan, all that cooking is not too relevant.
  10. ericf

    ericf Member

    lol, it is true that you don't need to get really complicated when baking with weed. One of the simplest things I love is grinding up a bunch of weed, microwaving a veggie burger till it is almost done, spreading the weed on top of the patty, cover the weed with a piece of cheese, microwave for another 30 seconds. You can't get simpler than that and it works.

    But among my friends the brownies were a sacramental food. There has been serious debate as to whether vegetable oil might be worse than butter. And the pre-made mixes would be heretical. You get a group of buddies together and make an afternoon of it. Play music, smoke, and mess with weed butter. It is all part of the brownie experience. Of course, no one ever asked if the brownies were made by hand or not... but we all assumed they were. I had a great group of friends who loved to cook brownies. I remember being handed a bowl of brownies during a campus cleanup one day. It was my duty to hand out the brownies to people cleaning who were cool. Me and this other guy handed out like 10, but the brownies were really soft and created this huge ball of brownie goo at the bottom of the bowl. We managed to eat 3/4ths of this mass before we realized what we had done. It was equivalent to like 12 brownies apiece. We were going to be really messed up. We just sat there in the woods while wave after wave of intense high beat us senseless. I remember this because we were too stoned to move, no one could find us, and all we had to deal with drymouth was beer and to deal with the munchies all we had was this bowl of brownie goo. It was horrible because we were too high to even consider consuming another intoxicant but we needed something to eat and drink. Eventually we ate the brownies and someone found us before we drank the beer. Man we were so fucked up. I don't know where I was going with this story... man I am such a stoner sometimes. :p

    Of course, if you are alone or hate cooking... just use the mix.
  11. exactly eric! i hear all it truly needs is heat. i dont know if the heat inside your stomach is sufficient enough, but maybe.
    i know my very first time getting stoned by digesting my reefer was throwing some great bud in my mashed potatoes. nice warm MP's. i remember it taking SO long... i was sitting around maybe an hour and 15 minutes afterwards a little dizzy, but that's it, just thinking "man, i think i just wasted some beautiful bud"... within those next 15 minutes it overwhelmed me. it was a very statued, deep stone.

    i'm definitely going to have to hit up one of those veggie burgers though =)
    where in florida do you live?
  12. ericf

    ericf Member

    I live WAY north of you. Between Jacksonville and Daytona. Closer to Daytona but not really in it.

    THC will work no matter what. You could eat a baggie of raw leaves and it would affect you. But, it is much easier when it has a transport like fats. In the smoke it is vaporized and that is the transport. Most likely, the reason it took so long to kick in with the mashed potatos is just because it takes your body a while to start absorbing it. Although an hour and a half isn't very long. It is slightly more wasteful when the weed is not heated because your body needs to work more to get the THC out. That is just from my personal experience... it seems easier for the body to absorb the chemical (and more efficent) when it has been heated but it still works otherwise.

    The veggie burger was an idea I ripped off from the Leary biscuit. I figured that it was the same thing. It is real nice. I had one the other night because there was a ton of family around. I couldn't smoke because they would smell it and I didn't know how long I would have. So I waited till I knew I would have three minutes undisturbed, started the burger, ground the weed, etc... I was finishing the last bite when my cousin burst in the door demanding I go to the movies with him. Nothing like being a quarter of the way into a movie and having a good weed buzz hit.[​IMG]
  13. I used to live in Ft. lauderdale, for ten yrs. then i moved to the trusty old north(canada). i used to live in oakland area of lauderdale. anyway, peace
  14. meangreen

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    Get the book: The Marajuana Chef Cookbook by S.T Oner. ISBN # 1-931160-05-8. This will handle all your food needs involving marijuana and more!Take note of his name.

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