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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by killerpizza52, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Alright wussup people? i guess I’ll get straight to the point. So, in the beginning of the school year ( im a sophomore in high school) I met this one girl through a friend. Since I was good friends with that friend, it allowed me to become friends with that one girl right away. So were good friends I guess and I ive known her all year. I have always seen her as a friend, but just recently I started developing feelings for her.
    Now you can kinda see whats going on. I want this to go further than what it is now, but im just not sure because I may be ‘friendzoned’. Yet at the same time theres a good possibility im not. And if I am and I do make a move and I get rejected it may jeapordize the friendship so to say. And I know before all highschool relationships nowadays before we date we go through the talking phase ‘flirt’. Like I flirt with her but idk I cant really tell how she feels. Like she doesn’t really flirt back but she doesn’t tell me to stop. Maybe its because it sounds like im joking but idk.
    What do you guys think on it? Is it worth it? And ya it felt good to get my head cleared by writing this all out. Hopefully I can get other opinions to help determine what I should do.

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    Give it time - take a break from being flirty - be civil in conversation - and things will progress naturally
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    i think about 40% of all recent threads are titled some variation of "i need advice."

    unfortunately, after a year of friendship you have very little chance of progressing beyond friendship. that said, why not try? it's not like you want to stay friends with someone you have feelings for anyway; that's just self torture.

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