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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by kathymencel, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. kathymencel

    kathymencel Member

    I need your help in what to do and what to say:
    My older sister got into some situation and I am trying to make her understand her mistake however I am also confused.
    She had some problems with her husband about 8 years ago, her husband was having an affair, she waited until the affair was over, however after that happen, she felt not so sure about her relationship( about 2 years after it happened), Then she met a really nice guy, who was indeed a really good potential "stepfather" for her kids, they really liked him. Meanwhile her husband knowing that she started to contact the new guy, looked for a new girl and started to live with her. My sister did not like that and after a while tried to get her husband back, he just lied to her and again went back to the new girl, My sister still seeing the other guy spent 7 more months with him but again went back to look for her husband , this time she succeed( do not ask me why) and then she told the new guy that she will be try again to rebuild her marriage.The new guy moved away and since that day he did not contact her at all.
    I told her she was wrong, she did not hear me and we had a quarrel.
    Now I am trying to help her with that situation, pleas help me with:

    1)Is there any chance that a guy ( like her husband) will accept what happen with her and the other guy? or is just a time bomb waiting to explode?
    2) Do you think her marriage will survive( please do not tell me about counseling, 'cause her husband does not believe in that)
    3) I am so sorry for the new guy, he was really kind, what to do?
    4) How can I talk to my sister and explain to her what she did?
    5) Will she ever "wake up'?
  2. Therese Aline

    Therese Aline Slave to the man

    She walked away from a really good thing. She ought to run right after him or she'll regret it when she finds herself married to an asshole, the same asshole she was married to to begin with, and short one good man, and very likely happiness.

    She done fucked up.
  3. BostonBill

    BostonBill Member

    #1. It's possible, but unlikely. They both have cheated on each other. Doesn't sound like a very trusting relationship, but it's possible all of this can bring them closer together
    #2. 60-40% that they don't make it
    #3. Let the poor guy go lead his life. I'm sure he's had enough drama in his life because of this
    #4. Somethings just aren't your business. This seems like one of them
    #5. Only she knows that answer. Her past actions and decisions make it seem unlikely, at least not anytime soon.

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