I need a psychic,PRONTO!

Discussion in 'Psychic' started by stoner, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. stoner

    stoner Member

    I am very depressed,I've never been to see a doctor(I know i should,)bUt I know something has got to be wrong with me.I mean I cry alot a can't seem to ever be happy,I feel as though I'm almost living in a dream Or I've LOst all connections to reality.LOL some things sound funny to me now that i'm typing it,but im being very serious.I've even gone as far as thinking about commiting suicide(I wouldn't ever do it though) , wich I thought I had gotten over.When I was younger I actually attempted to try to kill myself several times,but i could never do it.So I started cutting myself,I only did it like once or twice at the age of 15 or 16,recently I've been cutting more and Im 21(it's so wierd i know).ANyway's I really need some psychic guidance or something,I mean I wish someone could tell me what to do with my life...I feel so lost!I've tried talking with my mother,but she choose's not to believe that I am seriously mentally ill.I know that I should see a psychiatrist and maybe not a psychic lol,and you guy's probably don't want to be bothered with this type of problem but I would be greatfull for any kind of insight (at all) that you can offer.Thank you very much
  2. PamTSE

    PamTSE Member

    Hi there....

    If you can understand that everything is energy, and how energy effects you, this might help you quite a bit:) Have you tried any aura cleansing/chakra clearing excercises? Do you meditate at all? Such things could prove very helpful for you to clear the existing negativity you are feeling.... If you'd like some more information on these things, feel free to contact me.

  3. stoner

    stoner Member

    I've heard of aura cleansing,but I don't know how to do it...And I use to meditate a bit,but I haven't done it in a really long time,and I don't think I was that good at it...I hope this Is not to much to ask,but can you tell me how i would go about cleansing my aura or the chakra clearing excercises?BTW,Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and reply to it.
  4. PamTSE

    PamTSE Member

    You're very welcome! I'm adding a link here that will be able to help you, sorry I"m not taking the time to type it all out, but I think you'll find a plethora of information here to help:) If you have any questions, just let me know...
    Be sure and cjeck out the information on chakras too....


  5. stoner

    stoner Member

    Wow!the site has loads of info.thank you for the link.
  6. JackieO2007

    JackieO2007 Member

    Hi my name is Jackie Onofaro and im almost 15 years old. I know I may sound young but I am mature enough to give you the help you need. When I heard some of your stories I almost broke into tears, and I promiss that I will help you in any way that I can and Im pretty positive I can help you all by myself, but if for some reason I cant then I DEFINITELY know someone who can. You see I have been training myself to get better with my psychic abilities. I have done a few readings and seem to be doing great. I keep in touch with lots of psychics who are getting me farther and farther in the path that awaits me. Just by hearing your story, I already know that I'll feel like I know you .. this kind of psychic help is JUST what Im good at. You can tell me anything and be as open with me as you.. and you dont have to be embarressed... Please respond to me because I know I can help you.. email me at JackieO2007@aol.com or connect with me however is easy for you. I will ALWAYS be online so just im me or send me an email and I promise I will get back to you~ bye
  7. Chodpa

    Chodpa -=Chop_Chop=-

    Life is synchronistic. That is to say that everything happens concurrently. People talk about cause and effect, but that's really a shallow way of seeing things. The truth is that everything exists presently, and one merely manouvers through circumstances like the hub of a wheel. Looking at the circumference of experience one sees that all things lead to oneself.

    So lets talk about how to move the hub of the wheel to a brighter spot. It's really not so difficult. Sometimes real meaning seems very far out of reach. But real meaning is life itself and merely partaking of it.

    Many people spend their life wondering what to do with it, but let me tell you that what one chooses is not as important as merely choosing. The mere choice and sticking to a goal no matter how arbitrary is at least steering the vehicle to a destination, and along the way one gets to see the sights.

    There's an old Hallmark card where Santa's reindeer are all in harness and it says that only the front two deer have a changing view. The rest get to see the same hindquarters. Choosing something and doing it is always an experiment.

    I know that after I graduated college I moved back home with my Mom and after a short while at a shitty job I also got seriously depressed and suicide was also not far from my mind. I decided that I would go to law school because anything at all was better than dying. I dropped out of law school but not before meeting a beautiful woman who I have now been together with for fifteen years and finally married a few back.

    Wow, so many things came about from a junction of desparation, choice, and destiny that all I can say is even being a hobo is better than death. One always finds truth in the moment and again no matter where you go you are the hub of a synchronistic existance which will always be meaningful to you. But the more you choose and strive the more the meaning will be personal based on your choices and your life will be more integral, maybe threadbare like an old pair of jeans, but also supple and well worn and comfortable.

    Just choose something and do it. Be a cop, a professional cop out, a Japanese rock gardener, a flea circus arena builder, just do anything. What one does isn't important, what's important is choosing to do something. Right or wrong, at least it brings life into focus and brings meaning.

    I should mention that I also was a cutter for a short time when I was young. Many of us punk rockers were. I remember seeing Tony Adolescent with blood dripping from a hundred cuts and thought it was cool. Who can forget Iggy Pop rolling in broken glass on stage? And so on. Cutting isn't important. So just forget about it.

    Take Care. If all else fails and you feel aimless then give of yourself to charity. Trust me, you'll meet the best and brightest people doing charity and you'll have agreat time. I remember changing bedding and getting in pillow fights and laughing so hard washing dishes that I had a hurt face. Check it out.
  8. zxcv1bnm

    zxcv1bnm Member

    hey ive bin through exactly what ure going through now didnt no y but i wud cry and feel unhappy all the time and felt like i was sipposed to do sumfin.

    id always bin able to see auras eva since i was young and i started gettin into psychic things. i tried lots of tests and i have neva found anythin tht i havent bin able to do if u giv me ure full name i can try and pick sum things up about ure life
  9. stoner

    stoner Member

    Wow Thank You all!I haven't been in here for a while and seeing that I posted that a little over a month ago is a trip.I'm still very depressed,but now I kinda just roll with it,ya know?I tell my self whatever happens,happens and no matter what I would never kill myself.Like you say chodpa, being a hobo is better than being dead(i think lol.)Also I think your right about choosing to do something...all this time I've been feeling like I have no purpose in life,like it wouldn't matter if I was dead or alive because I give nothing to this world anyway's.Now I'm starting to realize that we all have a purpose,it's just up to us to go out and find it.


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