I live in southern NH and just wondering the prices

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by Shroob, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Shroob

    Shroob Member

    I'm curious about the prices of acid. I've heard it's about 10 bucks a hit and from others I've heard if you buy a sheet of acid it's $1 a hit and 100 hits.

    Also, just wondering if anyone in my area would know where to score some. Manchester rarely gets it, same with Derry. Anyone know?

    I'm okay to drive anywhere in NH and Mass. :)
  2. Jimmy420

    Jimmy420 Member

    i cant find any in mass so im just goin with RC's for now, 1$ a hit if ur buyin 100 a sheet? thats only $100,i think it be more like $3 a hit
  3. skarpo

    skarpo Member

    Hey, i'm from NH as well, Keene to be specific. Getting ahold of LSD here is near impossible. When you can find it, it's usually in pill form. 1 pill = 2 blotters. usually will run you 30 dollars a pill if you can find it. My friend deals, so i get it for 15 :D. You'll have more luck finding shrooms im guessing, but the prices and quality are shit. My friend and I split a quarter (60 dollars), and we barely tripped. Wait till the summer, around june or so, and most of the dealers get their "rations" for the year. My friend usually gets a zip-lock full of around 75-100 pills, for around 75$ and just sells at a rediculus proffit. Good luck.

    Oh, and try asking your dealers. They are usually all are connected and can get you anything, the price just may not be right.

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