I liked you better, poor

Discussion in 'Music' started by sleepy_ashes, May 21, 2004.

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    Hey folks, can anyone help me find the title to a song... All I have is an overview and a few loose lyrics, can't find anything on the net. Luckily the lyricas are repeated throughout the song.

    The song is a slower paced blues-esque, rock and roll song. The guitar is dominant and drives steadily thoughout the song, there is both a man and a woman singing, and not always in unicin.

    Since you got rich, you've become a bit of a whore.
    I think I liked you better... poor.

    So yeah... all I've got. I heard it on a radio station that plays basically whatever... in fact I remember the host saying something to the effect of: "My playlist I wrote is now over, but we still have quite a bit of time, so I'll see what I can dig up"
    If you're from Minnesota, and are fimiliar with KAXE... It was playing at about 9.15 - 9.30 PM on Tuesday the 18th, on the program Tuesday Jubilee.

    Thanks if anyone can think of it. :)

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