i left him, but i miss him and want to talk to him again

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Adgreyga, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Adgreyga

    Adgreyga Member

    i became really close with this guy (he was already part of my social circle n actually my crush's best friend) last year. he was and still is the sweetest, most unconditional friend i have ever known. i trusted him like ive never trusted a guy before.

    before i knew it i was really really in love with him last year (the crush is still a sweet friend of mine, but i didnt like him anymore). i couldnt keep the secret feelings from him any longer- i never kept anything else from him anyway...

    then thats when my insecurities came out and i made a really bad mistake. i had decided to tell him, i shown him a picture i had drawn of him (here http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v46/anthy/Picture.jpg ) (sry the pic is kinda huge tho) and we talked a bit before i told him. overall he acted shocked, all he said was that our friend told him that i had something to tell him n that "its cool you got it off yuor chest'

    i was hurt at 1st but understood that it was probally a shock
    the bad part was that i was to transfer the next day so i actually left months ago with ihim knowing that and we never got ot talk about it . i knoew i was moving. we exchanged numbers and lately ive wanted to speak to him.i called once but hung up as sooon as someonone answered the phone adn then a 2nd time but hung up after like 5 rings

    i really wanna talk to him but im nervous ccuz i feel guilty that just left him hangin and that i also dont know what to say.....
  2. Nistix

    Nistix Member

    Thats really a difficult one. The way I see it is you either have to speak to him or forget him.
    If you aren't calling him and he isn't calling you then what kind of relationship is that? Either you have to stay in touch and build on the foundation you have already made or just let it go. Who knows in a few years you might bump into him again and get the chanse to try again (romance movie style), or you might not even fancy him!
    Anyway picking up the phone can be hard at times. Dealing with loneliness is hard to. I hope you work it out.
  3. Adgreyga

    Adgreyga Member

    oh i dont have romantic feelings for him anymore
    not at all
    i just miss him n worry that i ruined the friendship

    oh, and im supposed to transferr back to his school like ... withen a month at least
  4. Nistix

    Nistix Member

    I doubt you have ruined the friendship!!!
    Just take it easy!! What may seem really important to you might not bother someone else at all!
    Give him a ring! Talk to him, otherwise you will never know!
    Sorry for assuming you still had feelings for him!
  5. Adgreyga

    Adgreyga Member

    no problem, shoulda said that b4 (tho its not impossible 4 me to feel the same years from now)
    and its reassuring that i havent ruined things, i jus couldnt help thinkin i left him in some way....even better since i still work in my old neighborhood (where me he lives n where we'd all hang out at) i think i'll go back and see him in person when i hang wit my close friend who is also his close friend, oddly i feel more comfortable talking to him in person....(we've never spoke on the phone before)
    did you see the picture?
  6. Nistix

    Nistix Member

    sounds like you got it all worked out.

    My way is to take it easy...

    Great picture by the way... keep drawing!!!!

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