I just recently dreamt that I tested positive for HIV...

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Tamee, May 31, 2004.

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    Thursday night this guy asked me to have a one night stand with him. I said no, went home to sleep, and right before I woke up I dreamt that I tested positive for HIV and felt absolutely horrible.

    yeah, scary...
  2. Bassplayerjojo

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    That IS scary... I'm not sure that is a reason to go get tested, but if it makes you feel comfotable, then there are many places that will do that for you for free.

    I'm glad you said no...
    you're dream is just a realization of things that COULD happen if you said yes. Maybe the guy was HIV positive and you vibed it...
    very odd.

    But good for you honey.
  3. WeeDMaN

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    I have just 1 rule

    if you dont know the person better than you know your friends, dont fuck em.

    I believe that ur dream wuz actually telling you that u coulda gotten into a mess of trouble if u accepted.

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