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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by JohnnyATL, Jun 4, 2004.

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    you wanted something to talk about
    I'll tell you about my shattered heart
    would that book fill your ears
    because it sure filled my eyes

    You speak about the quiet times
    where we would lay down for days and nights
    staring up - looking at the moon
    waiting to see - see how much its moved
    I felt your heart beat close to mine
    and I though our love was doing fine

    Agian ive felt your heart beat close to me
    But its not the same it could never be
    our love is done - its been through for weeks
    my heart is gone - its to afraid to speak

    You've been close to me
    I've been right there with you
    You said we were done
    You said we were through
    And i agreed
    but the fact still is
    I still miss you
  2. maryjaneguitargurl

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    thats good.. call it like ahha just guessin call it unread pages or blank pages .. lol haha dont take my advice
  3. littleskinny

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    I love your prose/conversational style, and the direct way you tell the story. It isn't pleading in my mind, just stating fact, and is calm but melancholy.

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