I Have Gone Barefoot To School

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by barefootconservative, Feb 5, 2017.

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    So in my younger days of elementary school, I actually went barefoot to school a few times.

    We'll start with kindergarten.
    I'm kindergarten, near the end of the school year, we had a pajama party. That's a day I decided to go barefoot. I had really nice fleece pajamas, and seeing as I don't wear shoes to bed, I left them behind that day. It was also very rainy that day, so it was even more exhilarating. Bart and Giovanni joined me in this. So we got up, stayed in our pajamas, got breakfast, and went out to the bus stop barefoot in the cold rain, but avoided puddles because we didn't want our pajamas getting wet. Now our wet feet picked up some sort as we walked to our seat on the bus. So we got to school, walked across the wet sidewalk, into the wet grass, and went inside. Our teacher asked where our shoes were, the answer was that it's pajama day, and I don't wear shoes to bed. We had three recesses every day, but the three of us usually just walked around and talked, didn't much care for playgrounds. So we walked in the cold wet grass which felt so nice. When we went back inside after third recess, we watched a movie. That's when a girl who sat next to me at our table leaned in and said very quietly so as not to attract any attention, "Hey, your feet are really nice." I thanked her for the compliment, and then she begged me to let her run them. I just thought, sure, why not? She was really good at rubbing feet, too, it felt so relaxing. Then we went home, barefoot, and stayed barefoot the rest of the day. Great day.

    In first and second grade, it was the exact same thing, so I won't write it out again.

    Third grade, we went on a hiking trip. No way the three of us were passing up that chance to go barefoot. We wore jeans and polos, as we never wear shorts, and left our feet bare. Got to the hiking trail, and we were ready to get started. We felt so many different ground surfaces. Mostly rock dirt, but there was also grass. That was a really great day.

    Fourth grade, we took a field trip to one of our historic landmarks, and we thought that'd be as good a day as any to go barefoot. So this day was sunny, so we wore our typical summer wear, khaki pants and polos, but left our shoes and socks behind. We picked up plenty of dirt and felt a good variety of ground types, dirt, concrete, wood, stone, rocks, grass, etc.

    Fifth and sixth grade were the same as each other. We went to a kind of sports event at our current high school. Those are the days we chose to go barefoot, so that we didn't have to participate in what we signed up for, as we all had to sign up for something, even if we didn't want to. So that's how we got out of it. We just watched as the breeze swept around our bare feet. Only difference was that sixth grade, it was a rainy day, so we felt the cold rain as it cleaned our feet.

    Seventh and eighth grade, there was a pajama day during spirit week. Same as in kindergarten, put on our nice fleece pajamas and robes, but left our feet bare. Anyone who asked, we answered with "we don't wear shoes to bed." We had seven classes each day. So we picked up plenty of dirt from the school floors. What's better is this pajama day was in winter, so we got to walk barefoot in snow.

    Ninth through twelfth grade, we also had spirit weeks, with a different theme for each day. If bare feet made sense with any of the themes, we did it. We had at least one every spirit week. This year, our theme for our biggest basketball game was American Pride, so our trio went in the themed t-shirt and jeans with feet bare. This was in winter, just about a month ago. And since we're all in the band, we had to play music for the game, so we wore the same outfits to the game. We also had to stand most of the time, and having bare feet made that a lot less tiring.
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    They only time i was eve barefoot at school, was when I was 8. it had snowed very heavily and everyone's shoes and socks got wet because the snow was deep and we were kept inside barefoot for the rest of the day.
  3. barefootconservative

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    yeah that happened to us a few times too.
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    I used to go barefoot to my college classes regularly.
  5. barefootconservative

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  6. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    i'm sure i've been barefoot at school. it's always been such a non-issue, i never bothered to take note of it. but yeah, it has definitely happened.
  7. barefootconservative

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  8. goodearth

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    When I was a kid, we were barefoot all the time except when we were at school and at church.
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  9. I was always jealous that it seemed acceptable for girls to be barefoot in high school, but not guys. Many girls in my high school who would remove their shoes in the classroom and leave them off, whether they were walking around or anything else. There were also a few who just left their shoes in their lockers and went barefoot all day throughout the school, to classes, lunch, everything.

    I also remember seeing a lot of girls who would take their shoes off when walking home, and just walk barefoot from the school.
  10. Sora

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    My nickname back in high school was "The Barefoot Boy", and that petty much speaks for itself, I imagine :p

    My love of barefooting in school started especially in fifth garde, during after school stuff. I was in the musical, and it was pretty common practice for lots of girls to take their shoes (and sometimes socks) off for practice. This intrigued me so much, as I loved their feet, and wanted to be barefoot as well. Eventually, I worked up the courage to slip off my shoes and socks (and was met with many a dirty look), and let my stinkers run free! (I was the odd one out being a boy, but it was awesome)

    Another time was during a mandatory gymnastics class during phys ed in high school. We had to take our shoes off, but could keep the socks on. But naturally, I didn't c: only barefoot boy!

    Got to the point where I ditched shoes and socks altogether in school after a while. It was wonderful!
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  11. Barefoot-boy

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    Gymnastics are done in bare feet, my guess for safety reasons. Wouldn't you slip and fall in your socks? When I was in middle school, we had gymnastics too and everyone was in socks.
  12. Sora

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    Right? Like, shoes had to come off, but bare feet were totally optional, which is weird, since you're exactly right, that's a barefoot sport. Probably for some reason or another they didn't force bare feet. Most of the girls went barefoot though, so I couldn't help but join 'em
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    Wow, sounds like heaven. I'm a little jealous.
  14. the only time ive ever been barefoot in school was 5th grade, it take my shoes off and swing my feet back and forth cuz my crush would also do that. and then in 7th grade at the end of the year the last 2 days i spent practically barefoot walking around because i was helping my classroom move furniture and it was really hot in the entire building
  15. im too shy to do it in my high school but some day i will....someday..though i only have a year and a half left..
  16. barefootconservative

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    I've just got the rest of this year.
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  17. for the last month of school you should just ditch shoes alltogether sorta like a final hoora to the barefoot life in school. thats what i might MIGHT do...still pretty shy though
  18. barefootconservative

    barefootconservative Summertime barefooter

    maybe I will.
  19. hey itd be a fun way to end the year
  20. barefootconservative

    barefootconservative Summertime barefooter

    Yeah, I'd just have to figure out how to make it work.

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