I have dreamt this life before...

Discussion in 'True Confessions' started by gendorf, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. gendorf

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    I live in Deja Vu land... I used to experiment with lucid dreaming (maybe I dreamt this life) and ever since I left my home country and moved to Scandinavia I have been living in deja vu land... It started when I was sober.. I dont think its drug related since it started before my heavy drug use..
    I am living my life backwards.. everything has happened before.. now I do not know If this is all just a dream or I dreamt this.. or maybe the universe loops around and everything is repeating infinitely.. but I know I have done this before.. everything I do is a deja vu....
    there is a ripple in my mind slowly expanding....
    its a very interesting feeling.. constant deja vu...
  2. omimnuil

    omimnuil Guest

    That's peculiar... I've only experienced déjà vu in brief snatches. I've also experienced its equal opposite, precognitive experience, which is equally unsettling, again only fleetingly.
    The January 2006 edition of the University of Leeds Reporter says this:
    '...Dr Moulin’s group believe [déjà vu] is not a delusion, but a dysfunction of memory: “The challenge is to think about what this means. We can use it to examine the relationships between memory and consciousness.
    “The exciting thing about these people is that they can ‘recall’ specific details about an event or meeting that never actually occurred. It suggests that the sensations associated with remembering are separate to the contents of memory, that there are two different systems in the brain at work.” Dr Moulin believes a circuit in our temporal lobe fires up when we recall the past, creating the experience of remembering but also a ‘recollective experience’ – the sense of the self in the past. In a person with chronic déjà vu this circuit is either overactive or permanently switched on, creating memories where none exist. When novel events are processed, they are accompanied by a strong feeling of remembering.'

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