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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by BigBongRips, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. BigBongRips

    BigBongRips Member

    I am interested in getting dreads and wonder how efective the wool hat rubbing method is
  2. WorldPeace

    WorldPeace Senior Member

    if you want naturals, it works ;) Just wash (without conditioner) and don't comb.
  3. BigBongRips

    BigBongRips Member

    I dont want to wait that long and was just wondering if the beanie method would speed up the process
  4. SacredHaze

    SacredHaze Member

    If you are not prepared to wait then dreads probably are not for you. Will take atleast 1 year to get some nicely formed ones.
  5. BigBongRips

    BigBongRips Member

    I know good dreads take along time to get I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this method
  6. WorldPeace

    WorldPeace Senior Member

    If you don't want to wait that long, try backcombing.
  7. BigBongRips

    BigBongRips Member

    well this is what I did I rubbed my head for about a month and my hair started to knap up after that i went online and found dread head hq after reading through the site i decided to back comb i got my girl to do it and they all fell out then i did it my self most hve stayed some have not and i have alot of strays I use there dread shampoo and lock pepa which seem to work good I stopped using wax also my hair is about 5-6 inches long just wanted to go back to hat rubbing thats why I was wondering if anyone had used this method any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    my tip: be patient. you're going to have dreads that come out and reform. you're going to have loose hairs. just wait, and time will fix it...
  9. BigBongRips

    BigBongRips Member

    but back to my original ? has anyone used the beanie method and another ? when you use the natural method do you section them of
  10. egle

    egle Member

    I have quite bad dreads, and i use a bennie at night, i think it helps mat them abit, and stops them going evarwhere in the morning,
  11. oilymoily

    oilymoily Banned

    throw away the DHHQ, it's so harsh and not good at all for you. the natural method is just that, natural... no sectioning, no back combing, just natural. try wearing the wool beanie at bed time and any other time possible, maybe rub it around with the hairs, and once the locks start forming you can rip them apart if you like. but have patience :)

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