i have a serious prob!!

Discussion in 'Coming Out and Confused!' started by Barefootintherain_11, May 30, 2007.

  1. ok ive known 4 a while i was bi.. since i was bout 13 ive leaned towards bein a lesbian. ive had a few gf but nothing serious till last summer. after i broke up with her (she wanted to come out to the whole world and i wasnt ready) i told my bff i had just broken up with a boyfriend and she helped me through.. ever since then it seems as if weve gotten closer and ive fallen for her...HARD:love: .... im afraid to tell her how i feel...but the thing is she flirts with me and i flirt back and everything is gr8 until we get around our other friends...how do i find out if she has feelings like that without exposing myself???
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    woah...your friend may already know your a lesbian if shes flirting with you. But maybe not. My friend is gay and was flirting with me. It was kinda akward once i discovered he was gay, but now we're just friends. Dunno if this helps, but good luck.
  3. i love her so much and i would h8 myself if i ruined our friendship
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    maybe you should talk to her, just the two of you, on your own. Tell her that she's confusing you, but also remind her that you're not ready to come out to the world. If she's a friend, or likes you back, she'll totally understand and wait for you.

    Dunno if that helped lol
  5. i told one of our mutual friends that i liked her and she (the friend) was ok with it but i dk what to do i want to tell her but i guess i dont want to know that she doesnt feel that way towards me... i dk what to do
  6. did i mention that we went to prom together and danced together
  7. YAY IM SO HAPPY!!! WE HOOKED UP!! omg its been a while since ive been on here i told her how i felt and she said she liked me but didnt know if i liked her like that I DO!! now shes my gf and she the greatest gf ever!!! i love u so much baby!!!
    +hugs and kisses+
  8. ShadowShifta

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    congratulations and welcome back!

    i hope i'll find myself in a similar situation with a guy, your story brings hope =] congrats again!

    PS: may i ask, how did you tell her or bring it up for that matter? and also did you end up letting everyone else know or not?
  9. Albatron

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    wow, thats just awesome.

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