i have a 29 year low in my forcast for this summer!~eek!~

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by nimh, May 19, 2004.

  1. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    i plugged my data into astrodienst, and it told me this;

    it sounds BAD!! i dont know if i totally believe in astrology, but my charts have been right too many times to just ignore this one. do ya'll have any ideas on how to weather this one out? maybe i should just go hide in a cave for the first 3 weeks in august! LOL
  2. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    well, at least you know what to expect when you get there! That way you won't be entirely disappointed....
  3. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    true enough

    hopefully i'll be able to keep my sense of humour about it too. i mean, it's summer, so it can be all bad, right?
  4. ForestNymphe

    ForestNymphe Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Aspects to Saturn are rough! An opposition is not as harsh as a square, or a grand square and the effects can be lessened by other positve aspects in your chart. Eventually the Sun will move out of opposition to Saturn and into a more benelvolent aspect.
    We experience Saturn returns (another rough time when Saturn returns to the degree in the natal chart) at the age of 28 to 30, which is a real kick in the ass!
    Are there any plamets that are trine or sextile to Saturn in the chart?
  5. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    i'm 32 so, i think i've probably already gone thru the saturn return? or maybe i'm a weirdo and it's coming late for me? I have three saturn aspects in a row (lucky me! :) ) i cut and pasted what the astrodienst site said...i dont think it's complete data though.


    Planetary positions
    [size=-1]planet[/size][size=-1]sign[/size][size=-1]degree[/size][size=-1]house[/size][size=-1]motion[/size]SunCapricorn21°04'0604directMoonSagittarius00°49'4902directMercuryCapricorn00°34'4603directVenusAquarius24°33'5205directMarsAries10°39'1407directJupiterSagittarius24°47'5103directSaturnTaurus29°55'2708retrogradeUranusLibra18°15'5501directNeptuneSagittarius04°26'1203directPlutoLibra02°02'1212retrogradeTrue NodeAquarius05°19'0904retrograde
    House positions (Placidus)AscendantLibra06°59'322nd HouseScorpio03°08'463rd HouseSagittarius03°57'50Imum CoeliCapricorn08°18'595th HouseAquarius12°14'496th HousePisces12°07'24DescendantAries06°59'328th HouseTaurus03°08'469th HouseGemini03°57'50Medium CoeliCancer08°18'5911th HouseLeo12°14'4912th HouseVirgo12°07'24TransitsSaturn square Mars, 10 May - 28 May Saturn square Uranus, 12 July - 28 July Saturn opposition Sun, 3 Aug - 20 Aug Jupiter trine Sun, 9 Aug - 19 Aug Uranus square Neptune, 12 Aug - 5 Oct Jupiter square Jupiter, 27 Aug - 6 Sep Jupiter trine Saturn, 20 Sep - 29 Sep Jupiter square Mercury, 23 Sep - 2 Oct Jupiter conjunction Pluto, 30 Sep - 9 Oct
  6. ForestNymphe

    ForestNymphe Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    That Sun/Jupiter trine will give ya luck while dealing with the Saturn opposition.:D

    As far as Saturn returns, rest easy knowing the worst is over. *lol* It is hard to read the positions of the planets from what was posted. If you would like, you can give me your birth info and I can pull up a chart and see what other aspects are happening for that time frame.
  7. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    sure, i'll give you a pm with that info. :)
  8. ForestNymphe

    ForestNymphe Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I am not familiar with the site you used for transits as it looks like the time was not modified for daylight savings. No matter, the birth info matches the planetary positions listed. Now I have a better idea of what planet is where and in what sign! :D

    I am going to start with the transits for August. I am leaving out the minors like bi-quintiles because you can get a good understanding of what's going on without ten million minor aspects basically sating the same info.

    August 1st - Transiting Mars in Leo opposes natal Venus in Aquarius:
    There is a struggle, a tug of war going on between agressive energy and will vs. creativity. This could be a love relationship power struggle. Mars in Leo also makes a trine to natal Jupiter in Sagitarrius, which will soften the blow of the opposition. Good goofy humor and a spontaneous activity will do wonders.

    August 2nd - Transiting Sun in Leo trines natal Mars in Aries. A good energy day! You strut your stuff so to speak and have your spirit and ego lifted. You are energized and active.

    August 7th - Transiting Venus in Cancer opposes natal Mercury in Capricorn.
    Creative pursuits and relationships are stressed and are creating tension in the mind. Communication is blocked. The need for affection and calmness needs to be met to release the energy of this aspect.

    August 9th - Transiting Venus in Cancer squares natal Pluto in Libra. Nasty aspect as Pluto is the most powerful planet. This is a tense day. Feelings are easily hurt and doubts creep in as to personal destiny. More struggle with a personal relationship and a compromise must happen between parties to resolve the energy of this square. If that was not enough, transiting Mars in Leo squares Natal Saturn in Taurus. Saturn represents discipline in the chart and it seems Mars is drawing out a bit of agressive energy towards the part of self that holds that discipline. A battle of the will (Mars) vs your personal boundries (Saturn). You struggle and may argue with another about willfullness either your own or theirs. Be gentle with yourself and the world this day.

    August 10th - Transiting Sun in Leo sextiles natal Uranus in Libra. Your individual spirit soars and shines, and your energy is glowing. You sieze the opportunity to grow and seek out activities that are against the norm to do so. Transiting Saturn in Cancer opposes natal Sun in Capricorn. Hard aspects to Saturn always hurt. You are feeling kinda of down on yourself and struggle with self image. The image you present on the career front may be challenged and harshly. Keep a low profile and know this too shall pass as do all aspects. Not a good day to look for a new job.

    I will post the rest later this eve when I get a chance.
  9. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    wow, this is amazing. :)
  10. ForestNymphe

    ForestNymphe Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I am glad you find this useful. *lol* Some folks prefer a more "fluffy bunny" style of astrology. I tend to shoot straight from the hip. Anyway, moving onward through the month of August.

    August 11th - Transiting Mars in Virgo trines natal Mercury in Capricorn. This is a wonderful creative aspect! Capricorn is thoughtful and fresh energies are brought to the mind and ideas just flow. Communications come easy and will most like mend the misunderstanding from previous days. Projects turn outward towards helping others in the community. You are rejuevenated being of service and ideas along these lines are well received. At 9:41am there is a quick but stressful aspect as that transiting Mars in Virgo makes a square to the natal Moon in Sag. Natives with Sag moon have a wonderful silly sense of humor and the stern Mars in Virgo put a damper on jolly spirts in the morning. Good thing Mars is a fast mover, feelings may be hurt due to agressive hurtful energy by another.

    August 13th - Transiting Jupiter in Virgo trines the natal Sun in Cappy. A good day for dumb luck! Jupiter in good aspect brings us luck and expansion. Jupiter in Virgo will bless you with energy and health and bring about a sunny disposition in aspect to the Sun. Your outlook on life reflects the wellbeing of mind body and spirit. A good day to go out and do something physical, dance on the beach, hike, run and simply revel in the beauty of yourself and others. Watch what you eat though, Jupiter/Sun aspects can point to weight gain.

    August 16th - Transiting Sun in Leo opposes natal Venus in Aquarius. The ego is not in such good shape today and you are down on yourself which creates a cloud of depression. Relationship needs require attention and compromise to relieve the struggle of this aspect. Your head may feel a million miles away from your heart. This passes quickly. Surround yourself with loving support.

    August 17th - Transiting Sun in Leo trines natal Jupiter in Sag. Another day like the 13th. The ego is elevated and the heart healed from yesterday's blues. Transiting Mars in Virgo squares natal Neptune in Sag. Ever feel you have had the wool over your eyes violently yanked away? Illusions are dispelled harshly and the spirit questions why? Something is revealed that you may have been in denial about, perhaps pertaining to health matters. Travel has the possibility to be detained. Take it easy this day in regards to drugs and alcohol. Use the former trine to keep your mind clear and outlook positive.

    August 19th - Transiting Mercury in Virgo squares natal Neptune in Sag. Intuition is low today and thoughts confusing. A veil of illusion and confusion clouds the normally sharp mind of a Cappy and brings tension. You may find yourself today shaking your head and thinking that nothing makes sense. Watch for possible car and computer problems.

    August 22nd - Another Sun/Saturn square. Same as the last one. Good day to stay in bed. ;)

    August 23rd - Transiting Sun in Virgo trines natal Mercury in Cappy. That cloudy head is gone! You are thinking clearly again and a fresh stream of ideas and creative thought enters the mind. Take advantage of this energy because by 6:44 pm transiting Mercury in Virgo squares natal Moon in Sag. Communication is not so good tonight due to mixed emotions. The mind and heart are not in sync and a balance needs to be achieved. The "chatter" of the mind throws off the heart. Silence the chatter and gift yourself with something pampering tonight. A long hot bath or a dinner out with friends would be beneficial.

    August 24th. A very mixed day. Transiting Mercury in Virgo trines natal Mercury in Cappy. The mind is sharp as a tack and communications effortless. Your ideas go over well on the career front and you make for excellent and intelligent company. At 8:29 everything changes. That transiting Mercury in Virgo moves on to make a square to the natal Saturn in Taurus. You begin to doubt all those wonderful ideas you just presented. You wonder if it was the "right" thing to do. There is the possibility of headaches, which Cappy is prone to. Try not to worry so much.

    August 26th - Transiting Venus in Cancer squares natal Uranus in Libra. Expect the unexpected in regard to matters of the heart. Something completely against the grain may rub you the wrong way in a relationship. You may desire your freedom and feel stifled in a relationship. You desire to break free of convention and get out while your partner may desire to stay at home. Compromise is needed to achieve harmony. Communication is essential and will work well since Libra takes all things into consideration and weighs the possible outcomes. Keep your mind open.

    August 27th - Transiting Sun in Virgo squares natal Neptune in Cappy. Another day of confusion. Neptune creates illusion and deception when in hard aspect. Watch for paranoia. Intuition is low today and self doubt is high. Everything is not what is seems. Listen for truth for someone may try and lie or take advantage of your good nature today. This is one of these days where you just feel "off" for no good reason. This is also another day to take caution with drugs and alcohol. Any negative aspect to Neptune is a warning to take caution with the mind altering.

    August 29th - Transiting Venus in Cancer opposes natal Sun in Cappy. You are not feeling too creative today. That usual sharp mind is dulled with lingering bad feelings, perhaps from the prior day. This is another day where the mind and heart are simply not in "sync". There is a struggle, a tug of war between what you feel and what you think. Find a well balanced compromise, as compromise is the best way to relieve the stress of any square.

    August 31st - Transiting Jupiter in Virgo squares natal Jupiter in Sag. Not a good day for luck. You may feel rather clumsy today and your usual spontaneous nature is a bit dulled. You may feel a bit lazy which is unusual to native Cappy. You question your own personal philosophies and fight with feelings of stagnation.

    I would like to add that this was a sheer pleasure. A chart to me is very personal and it is a privilege to take a peek into another. Thank you.
    I left out aspects to the asteroids. Lapses in dates indicate either no aspects or aspects to asteroids.

    In love and light~


    All typos are copyrighted.

    PPS: I offer astrological readings and the like for free here as I never charge friends, this is my passion. Should anyone else like a reading, interpretation, transit forecast, just ask. :D

  11. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    ForestNymphe~thank you so much for doing my chart for me!! that is so much nicer than "29 YEAR LOW!!!". i'm going to put all of that info onto my calendar, so that i can review it day by day. :) i feeel so blessed!

  12. ForestNymphe

    ForestNymphe Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    My pleasure nimh. It is always an honor to see another's chart.
  13. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    ugh, i took the wrong bus home today and ended up having to walk halfway up a mountain to get here. and my computer had a weird glitch when i turned it on, but it went away when i rebooted. my intuition told me to stay home today and skip the meeting that i went to, and i went anyways. i shoulda just listened to myself.

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