I Hate Old Filipino Ladies

Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by Bronson, May 1, 2007.

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    I hate alot of things in life, i hate the noise my chair makes when i try to sit in the right position. i hate the way my back hurts everytime i sit down, i even hate those cheese sticks they give you for free at school that taste like fart. but mostly, I hate people.

    I have been wearing the same underwear for a while now. im starting to get a bad case of vinager dick. so i decided to go do some loundry. I live in apartments so we have to walk outsiede to the loundry room to clean our clothes. I put my shit together and just go on to the loundry room.

    I get there and like always about 10 filipino ladys are there just gossiping to each other. I walk in and all I hear is "chingalatabamalagedina chabalagadabadingdong" its really annoying. so next to me there`s this lady with 2 empty baskets next to her and 2 full ones. all the washing machines are gonna be done in like 20-15 minutes except for one thats gonna be done in 3.

    I stand next to it with my clothes and the old lady squints at me.

    the machine is done and some other lady loads the clothes into her baskets and goes to a dryng machine. so as soon as shes done taking all her shit out i do my move and put all my shit in quickly. then the old lady with the baskets starts screaming and yelling at me. I dont know what she was saying so i continue to load my shit in. then she grabs my clothes and throws them out of the machine. i go like WTF!? i grab her arm and push her back slightly as she is going crazy.

    I get my clothes again and out them in quickly but she keeps on taking them out.

    I stand up walk towards her basket. kick it and knock it over, go back to my machine and put my shit in while shes picking all her shit up. then i close it and put the coins in quickly and then leave. once you put your clothes in you cant take them out.

    she looked at me and cussed me out on filipino.
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    yeah i didn't read that..too long and after you admitted to hating the noise your chair makes i lost complete intrest

    and fuck you!
    i was raised by a filipino lady
    she was awesome :D
    i miss her
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    Filipino girls are hot.
  5. Lucifer Sam

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    Ahahahaaha! :D I was about to make that exact post before I saw that you had already made it. :D Yeah, after the chair part... I was gone. :leaving:

    We're like... soul mates!!^78 With soul power!!#^
  6. indian~summer

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    yay soooooooul power!!!

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