I Hate Bush, And I Am Proud!

Discussion in 'Protest' started by Eugene, May 16, 2004.

  1. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    everything i said in this thread was the product of an immature mind. i retract everything.
  2. Mintaoism

    Mintaoism Member

    I heard that he put quite alot of millions into sex education program.. and he instead of teaching teenagers about condoms and "the pill" he promoted celabacy....what! Are you fucking insane! insane in the membrane! That would never happen. American teenagers (no offence) are going to have sex wheh they want. He went to africa didn't he, and you know what he did. he didint give out condoms, he promaoted celibacy. Luckily there were some inteligent nuns on the same bus who were handing out condoms. god bles the nuns..i supose that is rather self explanitory..god blees the nuns...nad the nuns bless god..(stop typing!)

    yes I agree, bush is a stupid idiot. go to this -

  3. renee

    renee Member

    Shouldn't have sex before you're married. :eek: In the old days, women who were pregnant without being married got stoned to death. I'm against all birth contol and I'm against abortion. I'm sorry that I am yet I'm not sorry at all. I'm glad that I'm waiting until I get married. :cool:
  4. MaxPower

    MaxPower Kicker Of Asses

    Don't worry kid, that'll change in a few years.:)
  5. Sera Michele

    Sera Michele Senior Member

    I'n the "old days" the term "married" didn't exist.
  6. Chongo Blanco

    Chongo Blanco Banned

    Might as well blame moral degredation of the world on Bush too. How about if every man in Africa had to donate several samples of sperm and then were given a mandatory vasectomy. If women WANTED to get pregnant they would have to go to a fertility clinic and be APROVED and then inseminated with the jizz of her choice.
  7. One thing that i hate bout bush is that thing he started about "NO kid shall be left behind"...that means new harder tests...Mann do i hate his guts...
  8. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    see above.
  9. Dilapidated

    Dilapidated Member

    I just hate the motherfucker.
  10. how right you are, how right you are!!! i felt the same way as that kid did when i was 15 and now my whole world is COMPLETELY different.. however, im still a virgin but not because im waiting till im married (which is the EX-reason) just now im scared that i'll suck or something hahaha
  11. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    You know whats funny? I lived here (Texas) all my life and I have no accent except I say yall (comes out kinda normal actually... "yall need to shut up" with no obnoxious pronunciation) but Bush is even a native of this state and has a thicker accent then me... He was just the fuckin govener... I say we beat the fuck out of him and see how long that accent holds up. I hate Bush. I even wrote a song about it if anyone would like to hear...
  12. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    Actually it just means that he has a political campaign that is just another lie. He does things for about a month and we'll never hear of it again. If it comes up at a confrence he'll move to the terrorist line
  13. BlackVelvet

    BlackVelvet Members

    haha, that is ironic, i say ya'll too but you are right, his accent is deeper than mine as well..and I live in Texas but..then again i didnt vote for him and i never will! and yes, i'd love to hear yer song..i say we needta get rid of him NOW! :p
  14. Its good to know that some people in the US dislike bush, maybe its just me but i think that theres a misconception throughout the world that all americans like and support bush.

    Its good to hear that you have distaste towards him, changes my opinion towards the US.

    Thats what i don't like about him he sold a rotten image of the US,

    Its funny to because i'm less then a 1 Hr drive from the NY border.
  15. renee

    renee Member

    And this is really going to help our country... A bunch of whiny voices complaining about the President... How pathetic.
  16. BlackVelvet

    BlackVelvet Members

    No, this is just a place to vent, that's why it's called a post, alot of people are upset by what is going on in our country..myself for one..
  17. Edward G.

    Edward G. Edwardson

    De Foo! :D That's Edlish (me own personal language) for something I forget but say a lot. Anyway, if people didn't complain nothing would ever happen.... oh well, you're a De Foo, who cares about you! :D heeheeeee~ ya
  18. FREE

    FREE Member

    i hate bush and i work for him

    problly why i hate him huh?

  19. Sera Michele

    Sera Michele Senior Member

    It is very important in a country that practices democracy (even if it is barely democracy :rolleyes: ) to talk about politics. It is important to discuss our veiws with others, and fine tune our ideas. To transfer information, to learn new things. If we don't do this we are keeping ourself ignorant, and change will never happen, and our country will never be truly OUR country.

    Anyways, I hate Bush as well. I think he has made a terrible name for our country, he has fucked us over economically, and his first priority is to benefit the people who need benefitting the least - massive corporations and aristocrats. I don't even think that he has the ability to understand the plights of the normal man, and in his 3 1/2 years in office he has done nothing but make it more diffucult to be an American.

    Some things in paticular that I hate about him:

    Stop giving the large tax cuts to corporations and the rich. This little "trickle-down" effect doesn't work. They just keep their extra money.

    Stop being so dishonest with the American people. We need to be able to trust our government again. Not second-guess everything they tell us.

    Stop thinking we are so superior. Our country is so young we are still in diapers, yet we think that we have the way of the world down pat, and are trying to make the rest of the world meet american standards.

    Don't be so afraid of gay marriage...no one is going to force you to be gay, mr. bush

    Listen to the will of the people! Not the will of Cheney!

    Ok, that was my 2 cents ;)
  20. meishka

    meishka Grease Munky

    your presedent sucks. our new primeminister sucks. so does miguinty, eh ontarioans. lets get rid of thse guys. bush is anti everybody. espesially women with the abortion laws and the enviroment. sucks to be you.

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