I hate America

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FoxxxY, Apr 17, 2007.

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    Many a true word spoken in jest.
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    i think survival of the fittest as mother nature intended is more about which specific people are able to adapt to the circumstances presented to them, as opposed to which people happened to be born in the same geographical area where other completely unrelated people happened to have created flying murder machines.
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    Both world wars proved that the "instinctual" types needed the dumb people to win the wars.

    Considering that such a small group of islands, the British Isles, effectively ruled more of the world than ever before, is literally quite an extreme accomplishment by anyone's definition or even history, especially being "conquered" left right and centre by civilised groups throughout its history.
    If anything, the world should be grateful of the British and Americans for what they did for the world. Alternative colonialism would've been much, much worse....
    but you know, just blame everything on stuff that could've been much worse.
  4. You're so right. We could have killed a billion innocent people. Not just thirty million. We look pretty good in comparison to those other countries who didn't develop weapons of mass destruction.
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    I don’t hate the U.S. but there is a serious lack of moral leadership and we often commit acts around the world that violate accepted standards.
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    Wikipedia is put out by militant atheists, and not to be trusted for philosophy, spirituality, or classified government research and, sometimes, just flat out contradicts the fucking dictionary along with Oxford, which prints their own militant atheist dictionary. Atheists have dominated modern academia in opposition to their own societies, and have a dysfunctional relationship with fundamentalists in particular. Anywho, what neither Adolf Hitler nor Darwin or even Freud would ever admit in a million years, is that modern civilizations tend to organize along the lines of a fucking flock of chickens. Understand the chicken, and you understand the nature of the beast!

    Already some human behavior is roughly as predictable as Newtonian mechanics, and once the computers spit out the mathematics, AI will make us all look like spoiled brats and brainless chickenshit chickens pecking at anything that moves. I spent a decade getting kicked off every academic website imaginable, for merely pointing out their own evidence. I was kicked off even Taoist websites, for using mild potty humor as an example of the Tao. The denial could not be any deeper, and is promoted by economics and networking systems logic. They are merely organizing according to who has the best memory, meaning it is possible to slowly wake them up from their nightmare fantasies of the good life, which is rapidly destroying the world.

    My whole purpose in visiting these websites, was to gather the metaphors I needed for creating bots they will all love to play Three Stooges slapstick with, which is what Social Darwinism is a metaphor for, but I prefer to call a spade a spade. My tradition is 12,000 years old, and we've been writing jokes that criticize the corruption of society since before the invention of writing, and millions of academics themselves have contributed, as an anonymous way to criticize their own corrupt institutions. Social Darwinism ain't nothing but academics playing wannabe lawyers all the time.
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  7. What happens when another country actually attacks us? Or another two countries at once? Are all of the average American citizens going to be like, "Yeah, our military's got it all taken care of" and just kind of not freak out. Or will all of the women and children freak out, and some of the boys and men, too. And we will all run around in a panic not knowing what to do. Because it's not like we're a nation of warriors. Even the guys who talk tough never went to war and would back down from a fight, due to sheer laziness and not wanting to deal with it. We have nothing left to celebrate, because we're full of the perversions of fornication and sin, and that's not enough to go on, as far as what you would die to preserve goes.

    You can't fight for America when America means two different things to two separate groups of people who are basically split down the middle on every subject there is. Because then, what is America? Is it simply a land that functions as a land divided, like husbands and wives, the Democrats and Republicans?

    Liberals are too staunch of atheists, and Conservatives are too staunch of theists. I can't decide which stupidity is less appealing. I'm more used to the too staunch of theists, but militant atheism is really up there on the Scale of Stupid. Their philosophy seems to be to just objectify everything and give it the special property that it is us, we being the sum of our memories. Really, we're all just objects? Just a bunch of dead matter?

    Then why are we not already dead?


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