I had a wierd dream last night

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by sitareric, May 13, 2004.

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    One of my good freinds, was a cat, but a human, he had the build of a human but had fur and claws and a cat head, he had a blue flannel shirt on and a hat.
    then this really fox white female human/cat comes up and kisses him, and his eyes get really big, and his head turns into his regular head, and then they both turn into regular cats, and curl up in a blanket on the couch and start kissing some more, and having cat love.

    I think at that point I leave and go to school... The school is a giant music store, and as soon as i walk in everybody is whispering to eachother and looking at me, and than i come to realise that i was student of the month, and won a brand new fender telecaster and amp! The guitar is awesome the neck is vintage wood, and the body is really funky with gold plating and a leopard skin pick guard.

    Then i leave to go find someone to help me bring it home, I end up at a guy from schools house, and i ask him to drive me to the school... he kind of bums out and we sit around for an hour, doing random wierd things.. then i decide just to walk all the way across town to get my car, and as soon as i leave the dude says "hey im going where you are and im driving, so you might as well get a ride" so i try to jump in but he begins pushing the gas pedal and swerving, so I struggle a little while but end up getting in on my knees. we get to a large bay and docks where all the highschools are located, and i jump in the freezing cold water. At this time there are two more people from school, and two teachers, one of which was on a leash and everybody thought he was negative. then i say "hey i think im going to swim to the parking lot" and nobody really hears me theyre all laughing about how negative the one teacher is. So i started to swim, but couldnt go anywhere.

    then i woke up, and I was really excited about something, like i couldnt wait to get up... and after some thought, i realised it was the guitar:p

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