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    ......A Couple Of Nights Ago That I Would Like To Share With You...

    In The Dream One Of My Cats Was On The Cat Tree Playing With A

    Fake Mouse On a Piece Of Elastic, She Got Quite Carried Away And

    Eventually Broke The Elastic, And Then Carried It Into The Kitchen

    And Deposited It At The Centre Point Of The Under Sink Storage.

    Then Next Morning When I'm Sitting At My Puuuuter, The Same Cat Was

    Playing With The Mouse On The Cat Tree, Eventually The Elastic

    Broke And Then She Carried It To The Exact Place She Did In My Dream.

    The Only Difference Being, The Mouse In The Dream Was Grey,

    The Mouse In Real Life Was White...:).

    Never In My Life Have I Had A Dream Like This...:willy_nilly:

    Cheers Glen.
  2. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    first time for everything happens. a lot of things anyway.

    nothing much i can think of to add, except that's where i believe the feeling of dejevu comes from. being in a place or situation closely parallel to one previously dreamed, with usually the dream only remembered after the real life experience that resembles it happens, and of course sometimes, often, not then.

    we usually only remember the last dream we had before we wake up, though we may have several every time we sleep.

    i do believe cats communicate psionically, and that dreams, some dreams, are like an mmo, like second life or something.

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