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Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by FREE, May 23, 2004.

  1. FREE

    FREE Member

    real quick question for everyone ay
    i used to be totally patriotic up until i joined the military,you know,to see it from both veiws like everyone should,but i found that alot of the shit that goes on in civilized america happens in the military but only about 100 times worse and ive been to the gulf and ive been at war and all that stupid bull man but im hopin that theres some degree that we can beleive in the thought to take back our land and our place and become what america should stand for,which,if were gonna be big brother to everyone else,why not influence others to be cool,calm and collective ya know,lets all just be cool,im really big on freedom of speech and im glad that we sometimes get to enjoy it,while i served in the navy i got two tattoos that were inspired from the navy and the first one i got when i just joined which is a old style kind of pin up sailor girl and the one i recently got was a big "fuck you"on my forearms to show that i didnt agree,im 5 months short to gettin out with a honorable which means nothing to anyone but me but i sometimes wonder how hard it is gonna be to leave and live while all these other people suffer man,and thats what i think about when i think of america.and i hope that the majority of people that come here can relate to.and the only advice i can give is if that recruiter comes knockin at your door,say NO NO NO!cause they will pretty up everything they want you to hear and when you get there,its a big bad suprise.
  2. Brocktoon

    Brocktoon Banned

    Brother.. its not just The USA, its the Decline of Western Civilisation.

    When do you know its gone down the slippery slope?

    When no one really cares anymore. Apathy.

    When did the downhill run start? Jan 1st, 1974

    Dont worry, its going to be exciting times for the small band of us who care enough to actually do something while the rest of the world declines.

    I recommending saving precious art, literature and teaching your children important truths that will be lost in the coming 100 years of steady decline.
  3. skip

    skip Founder Administrator


    Welcome back man! We missed ya!

    Glad to hear you survived the mideast mess (I hope you're back from that hellhole).

    I kept wondering what you were up to. I sorta felt you would encounter the reality check most recruits do sooner or later.

    Your post above confirms it.

    I guess there's ONE good thing you got out of it...


    Guess they drummed that outta ya! :D

    I hope to see you posting here again. You seemed to have really got some experience & discipline. Please share with us what you've seen & learned.

    Play it cool for the next few months & you'll be FREEEEEE!!!!!!!

    If Bush doesn't decide to renege AGAIN on his promises...
  4. Mui

    Mui Senior Member

    Woah Its Free! Whats Up Man!
  5. MarkN

    MarkN Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Welcome home, you state side? I've been worried about you dudes over there. CONGRATS!!! you survived it! Relax, and clear your head. There are some other vets on the forum. Keep talking about it man. Been there...done that.
  6. FREE

    FREE Member

    yeah man im stateside right now and gettin ready to be discharged wether bush likes it or not,i absolutly refuse to spend one day over my time in this damn dictatorship.i figure its about that time to put in my vote ya know,bush needs to go man....

    ill make sure i pass all of your support right up to the soilders and sailors that are about to get goin there man,im sure they`ll appreciate all of you thinkin about it man

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