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Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by LoNeR_HiPPIe789, Jan 9, 2005.

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    I got a question, do you think it werid to always hang out with your self, " do your own thing " instead of be social with your family friends Etc ????, my mom thinks there is something wrong because ill Rather hang out with my self then with people .... What do you guys Think ?????:confused:

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    Yay I'm not the only one *hugs*

    A friend of my mother's has a daughter, older than me, who is always under everyone's feet wanting attention like a child. Drives everyone nuts.

    I'm convinced not being able to cope with your own company is as serious an issue as being a total social hermit. Done the latter and it's not great. Being comfortable with both is best for balance.
    Though I shall always lean toward my own company. People are annoying.

    If your happy then it's all good :)
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    I've loads of mates that I go out on the beer with or go smoking with but when I'm at home I'm either on the net or in me room on my own reading or watching TV, my ma has always said for years that it wasn't natural, but that's just parents being muppets. Once you have some friends outside of your house it's okay to sit around on your own in the house the rest of the time, I prefer my own company to anyone elses in my family, I like my solitude aswell, but at the weekend I'll always head out with me mates cos as much as I like my solitude it can't be healthy to stay in on your own allllll the time.
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    Be yourself. No matter WHO likes it. You like it, and that's what counts.
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    HAHAHHA woot woot thank you for this thread!! my mom thinks I am a hermit and that's why she always takes the computer away from me... and since she's read this thread she said it's ok and I'm not a hermit. thank ye!

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