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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Lodog, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. Lodog

    Lodog ¿

    I left Carolyn after 7 years... I would have left her sooner if not for my boy.i wish I would have went about it a different way, but I found somebody really special and fell head over heels for. It was rough at first and she's finally beginning to realize that we're both better off without each other holding the other back. These last 2 years have been miserable for me. I was starting to hate the sight of her and the sound of her voice made me grimace. I'm a real son of a bitch for cheating on her though.
  2. Piaf

    Piaf Senior Member

    Well good for you, whatever makes you happy. And everything you said is true, especially the being a real son of a bitch for cheating part.
  3. Lodog

    Lodog ¿

    Yeah I believe in karma too and I'm sure what goes around comes around.
  4. MyWORDiTtruth

    MyWORDiTtruth Member

    it is to bad you started your new relationship with the distrust of cheating, not a good way to start honestly..
  5. Lodog

    Lodog ¿

    I've been cheated on and got over it. It's not like I was married. Current woman will probably never fully trust me though.
  6. MyWORDiTtruth

    MyWORDiTtruth Member

    That is what I was talking about, but you never know, she may trust you eventually, but she will always have the cheating part in her head..
  7. Heat

    Heat Smile, it's contagious! :) Lifetime Supporter

    Not the ideal way to end a relationship or to start a new one. Having said that I am not really sure there is an ideal way. Now your responsibility is to do as little damage as possible while you all find closure.

    If it was no longer working for you or both of you then ending it is probably the most healthy course in the long run. Being unhappy bleeds into all parts of our lives and does as much damage as leaving does. Children are very intuitive and "feel" when things are not right.

    Stay a good dad. More importantly stay a good ex partner. Continue to speak of your ex with respect as she is still going to be in your life and is the mother of your child. They both deserve that respect from you.

    I hope the new relationship works out for you as typically affairs do not make for good long term relationships. I hope you beat those odds and are happy with each other. More importantly, I hope that this brings you some peace and happiness in the long run. Hang in there as life does move on and things clear given some time.
  8. farmout

    farmout All who wander arent lost Lifetime Supporter

    Whew, heavy shit, I hope it works out for you though...:)
  9. deviate

    deviate Senior Member

    I don't mean to sound like a total dick, but you should've had the balls to end it properly.. overlapping like that is just going to double the mindfuck and prolong actually getting over it. I could be wrong, I mean maybe you found your soulmate. Good luck mang mang.
  10. Mike Suicide

    Mike Suicide Sweet and Tender Hooligan

    I think Skip should start selling these. He'd make sooo much bank!


  11. Exactly that.

    I've never understood the term "son of a bitch" though.... it just seems like it's cutting on people's moms n all. Never quite computed in my brain.

    But, anyways, lodog, glad you did what you needed to do to make yourself content and happy. And at least you know you could have went about things different but at least you didn't string it along any further. That's something (good). :)
  12. Aristartle

    Aristartle Snow Falling on Cedars Lifetime Supporter

    You were dating someone for 7 years? Holy crap I couldn't even tell. You must have been miserable, dude.
  13. wiccan_witch

    wiccan_witch Senior Member

    Good luck with your future!
  14. Lodog

    Lodog ¿

    I feel like I can take anything life throws at me. Anyway that's why I've not been posting much lately. I've been busy.
  15. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    When I cheat at life's issues I feel I can take anything it throws at me too :p This was not really ment to sound like I judge you by the way, it was even ment to sound a bit funny ;) :D
  16. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    Yeah, you must have been busy conniving and scheming to keep one relationship secret while pretending to remain civil in another.

  17. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    So Carolyn is single now?

    Awesome. Mind if I hop in there. bro?
  18. AquaLight

    AquaLight Senior Member

    7 years , wow..
    Watch out for the rebound ;)
  19. deviate

    deviate Senior Member

    Well you have that new relationship to take your mind off shit. I've done that once so I feel like I know what I'm talking about.

    This time had kind of a bad split with one who went evil and crazy on me after we both agreed it wasn't working, we were still living in the same house for a couple months after the breakup. Been a year now mostly alone, won't get close to anyone, getting all my shit straight but believe me it's mostly a fucked up lonely feeling a lot of the time. Yet I won't actively change it.

    Call me a pessimist but most highs are followed by a crash. My advice is just guard yourself.

    How's your ex doing anyway, if you even care? 7 years is a long time even if she drove you crazy. I've never had a relationship even close to that long.
  20. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Lodog shouldn't be catching alot of hell. The way he broke up happens lots and lots and lots of times.

    He has found love. Don't curse him and his future happiness like you're all shocked and butthurt.


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